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Labyrinth Story 4

Labyrinth Story 4

Chapter 4 – 004 Flood Damage

A shield and spare weapons were prepared, and a little bit of food was secured, and the worry filling Hwanin’s head was greatly reduced.

The weapon, shield, and corona berry, even though it’s been 4 hours since I ate, it must have played a part in reducing my anxiety.


Looking up, the roof of the forest still covering the sky came into Hwanin’s field of vision.

The purpose of Hwanin is not to look at the sky, but to see the direction of the shadow.

I thought I was heading in the direction of the rising sun, but as I moved to avoid the footprints of the green monster and the beast, it felt like the line of movement was unnecessarily stretched.

The jungle was a place where flat land and low hills coexisted.

When climbing a hill, you may lose your direction, and as you avoid the trees blocking the path and wade through the chest-high bushes blocking your way, you naturally change your direction.

And a snake hiding in the bush in the middle…… I was almost bitten by a reptile I didn’t know if it was a lizard or not, and I was worried about being chased by a flying beast that looked like a combination of a crow and an owl, adding to my fatigue in many ways.

The fortunate thing is that I found another tree pit similar to the place I was indebted to last night in the low hill terrain and secured some more corona berries.

I urinated in the middle, and the fact that the color of the urine was orange was an element of anxiety, but Hwanin believed that if things continued as they were now, they would be able to escape the forest someday.

I realized that the thought was optimistic less than an hour later.


Hey hey hey.

You’ve come face-to-face with several green monsters.

Who would have known that there would be a rock the size of a house just beyond the slightly sloping hill.

If he had seen the rock from a distance, Hwanin would have bypassed it without hesitation.

In a forest like this, a rock that big is enough to make it a unique place, and you would have thought that there was a high possibility that anything would be gathered under the rock.

In fact, as soon as Hwanin found a house-sized rock exquisitely hidden by hills and trees, he felt an ominous feeling and immediately tried to turn back his steps.

That is, if the green monster hadn’t emerged from the side of the rock at that time.


Hwanin, who was slowly descending the slope, widened his eyes at the sight of a green monster walking out from the side of a rock, holding it with both hands.

The distance is about 15 m. I am concerned about the rocks that block my view, but the range that obstructs my view is not very wide.

There can’t be a colony of green monsters behind the rocks. Even if there is a crowd, there will be a few of them.

If so, the player must win.

Hwanin immediately grabbed the wooden club with both hands and ran and jumped.


I hit it as hard as I could and broke the green monster’s skull.


With a grotesque sound, blood and flesh exploded under the clubs in both hands.

The green monster found Hwanin only a few meters away, so he died instantly without showing any action.

Hwanin was briefly surprised by the unexpected power of the two-handed club, but quickly tried to hide, thinking that the sound had just reached the group of green monsters (if any).

However, one step faster than that, another green monster appeared from the side of the rock.

The green monster saw the dead compatriots with their heads smashed and the bloody Hwanin, but was confused as to whether they could not grasp the situation right away…….


Hwanin’s full swing caused multiple open fractures in the upper body, and the green monster that flew and crashed into a gray rock drew an avant-garde picture with his own blood.

Two green monsters that died without even being able to scream.

Rather than being satisfied with the achievement, Hwanin immediately turned around and ran towards the top of the hill.

Hwanin knew for the first time that raw blood smelled so strong. If the two killed were overcrowded, he would have just noticed by the commotion and the smell of blood.

Kkeok! Kkeck Kkuck!

Sure enough, five monsters armed with clubs, spiked clubs, and wooden spears appeared at once, along with a commotion that seemed to be created by several animals.


Among them, a green monster holding a black club resembling a stone ax pointed at Hwanin and screamed.

They say body language is a universal language.

Hwanin, who read what the action meant, raised one corner of his mouth.

In a situation where I have to fight for my life, why does my heart beat happily and the smile never leaves my lips?

Reaching the top of the hill relatively unobstructed, Hwanin held a club with both hands with his back to a tree. Then he quickly scans his surroundings, loading terrain information into his head.


Seeing the five green monsters running towards them, Hwanin put a subtle smile on his face.

4 at the head, 1 at the tail. Even if you look at it, it is not a reckless charge, but an organized action.

‘But it’s not a formation due to differences in weapon characteristics. The guy in the back is the leader of the group.’

Hwanin stares at the green monster holding a dark club, and the monster also grins at Hwanin.

It was an action that let him know that he was looking at him as prey, but Hwanin thought it was curiously funny rather than angry.

In the meantime, the four approached to a distance of 10m and from there spread out from side to side and carefully began to surround Hwanin.

Hwanin felt absurd.

Siege, good. It’s a position where it’s easy to show the violence of the numbers by preventing the target from escaping and unleashing an attack from all sides.

However, it is also a law to cover the time, place, and situation.

Is there any adult who would be frightened by being surrounded by elementary school students who were about 10 years old, even if they were armed with stick-like weapons?

How much more did this side carry something like a riot baton and a police shield?

Of course, if the other side was thinking of murder, it would be a little creepy, but Hwan-in killed three green monsters and was somewhat confident.

Confidence, not arrogance.

Moreover, they must understand the concept of siege only to be surrounded and pursued.

Why are you going behind a tree with your back to it? Why is the front visibly wide open?

Still, Hwan-in, thinking that there might be some intention, took all his alertness anew and ran towards the green monster, which was alone at some distance from the other three.


The green monster, which was hitting the ground with the wooden club it was holding, let out a scream close to a scream when it saw Hwanin approaching in an instant.

Hwanin did not understand. If the enemy rushes at you, shouldn’t you attack instead of screaming? Or dodge or block and think of a counterattack.

However, the green monster remained firm until Hwanin wielded a two-handed club like a baseball player.


The club, swung in perfect posture, sent the green monster flying about 5 meters away with a heavy sound as the angle and point of impact matched.

The green monster, whether it was fainted from the shock or not, started rolling down the slope.

Oh oh oh oh clothes!!

As if that was a signal, the remaining three rushed towards Hwanin at the same time without any encirclement.


Glancingly, Hwanin looked at the green monster holding a dark club, but the creature did not take any action.

But he really doesn’t think he’ll do anything.

Hwanin, holding the two-handed club tightly with both hands, threw it with all his might towards the middle one of the three running towards him as if they were almost united.

Hong hong hong-

In terms of experience, it is close to impossible for a green monster that weighs almost 30kg to receive a two-handed club that weighs close to 5kg without damage.

Pretty much!

One that gets beaten and falls down with a two-handed club. Her right arm is wobbly as if the place where she was hit wasn’t good.

Hwanin took out a stone ax from his waist and at the same time blocked the attack of the guy on the left who was wielding a thorn club with a wooden shield and took a hard shot at the side of the green monster.


Pulled big


Blood and intestines pour out like a waterfall from the horizontally wide slit in the side.

Hwan-in, who threw away his club of thorns and kicked the green monster that was trying to pick up his intestines, rushed towards the hesitant fourth green monster like a U.S. Captain. I laid down my shield and took a picture of my face.


The face was stamped on the end of the deliberately sharpened shield, and transparent liquid flowed down the green monster’s face along with blood, as if it had also been stabbed in the eye.

It was a hwanin who screamed and threw away his weapon, the wooden spear, and tried to finish off the glowing green monster’s head with a stone axe.

“…… !”

I saw the fifth green monster, who had been on guard the whole time, reach into the filthy pocket of her waistband.

Far. I don’t know what’s in that pocket, but it’s too late to run and block it.

Moreover, he was out of breath after knocking down four green monsters because he couldn’t sprint and distribute his stamina several times.

Even so, you can’t just watch.

Seeing the man’s hand now in his pocket, Hwanin raised his arm to throw the stone axe.

Even luck is good. If it hits, it’s the best situation, and even if it misses, it’s welcome if you’re surprised by the throw.

And the moment you try to throw the stone axe.


It wasn’t a physically deafening sound, but a mysterious, chest-shaking sound erupted from beyond the rock.

“Big…… !?”


Hwanin was surprised, and the fifth green monster was also surprised, but Hwanin felt anxiety overtaken by the green monster’s behavior, which seemed to be 10 times more surprised than himself.

The green monster’s face turned gray and began to look left and right in great panic. Then he ran to the tree near Hwanin, ignoring Hwanin.


It struggles to climb up the tree, paying no attention to the fact that its fingernails and toenails fall out, thorns stick to its limbs, and its bark is torn.

At that moment, the pieces of the puzzle fit together in Hwanin’s head.


Hwanin also rushed to the tree as if flying, and cut the fifth green monster, which had climbed up about 2m, in one hamstring with a stone axe.


The green monster fell from the tree in terrible agony and screamed at Hwanin with a face covered in astonishment, pain, anger, and fear.

To Hwanin’s ears, the scream of ‘What are you doing!’ Was heard, but Hwanin, ignoring the scream, snatched the leather pouch from the waist of the green monster rolling on the ground.

Kiki profit!!

A green monster that screams at the fact that its belongings have been taken away, and stretches out its hand like an old tree toward Hwanin to scratch it.

Hwanin, who had beaten even that with a wooden shield, took away even the dark club.


Then, with a feeling that it would be okay if my heart exploded, I ran down the slope opposite to the place where I heard the roar with all my might.


Hwanin glanced back at the evil scream and saw the green monster trying to get up and falling.

I’m glad it turned out as expected.

Hwanin looked forward and began to slide quickly down the slightly steep slope, using the tall bushes as a slide.

Hwanin, who reached the end of the slope in the blink of an eye, jumped up and started his sprint, and when the place where he fought the green monster was hidden by the trees, he could not be seen.

Hrorororolong…… !!
Kyay hey… !
Benefit…… !

Unidentified roars and faint screams of green monsters were heard.

‘Just buy me time to run away.’

As soon asheheard the roar, Hwanin roughly guessed who the owner of the roar was. And he judged that, as he guessed, he should never fight.

You must run away from here.

As far as possible.

Labyrinth story

Labyrinth story

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
It is not a matter of carelessly picking up things that fall on the road. A wandering period in another world that takes place because of a gold coin he picked up on the road.


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