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Labyrinth Story 15

Labyrinth Story 15

Chapter 15 – 015 Flood – River

Hwanin felt a bit more puzzled than surprised at the appearance of the ghosts that began to appear one by one at the place where he died.

It is a yard where I have already seen an animal ghost that looks like a mixture of a horse and a deer. It’s strange to be surprised again here.

The reason why I felt curious was that the ghost of the beast-headed monster was so blurry that it was hard to identify.

Seven ghosts, blurry and crushed as if they had been roughly erased with an eraser, and ghosts shimmering like small bonfires float on the river.

Lizard people do not come out of the water.

Hwanin, who was worried for a while, called out the ghosts with his hallucination vision open.


No reaction.

The ghosts, like whitish smoke, rise up into the sky, or fly lazily across the river, or float about indiscriminately.

I thought it was because the ghost of a horse and deer was hanging around nearby, so I unconsciously called it, but it wasn’t.

Hwanin muttered inwardly and unconsciously saw a staff with deer antlers.

He grabbed his staff just in case and called again, but there was no response.

‘Maybe it’s because the distance is too far.’

Whether it’s sympathy or sympathy, it’s good to be close.

The place where the ghost of the beast head monster is located is about 30~50m away from here. The closest one is 30m away…….

After thinking for a while, Hwanin figures out the location of all the lizards with his hallucinatory vision and hides his luggage and emergency food in the bush.

Then, carrying only a spear, an antlers staff, and a stone ax at the waist, he descended the slope to the gravel field by the riverside, through the slope where the beast-headed monsters had descended.


Maybe it’s because he’s just finished hunting and he’s full. The lizard people hug a rock the size of their body in the riverbed or get stuck in the crevice of a rock, but don’t come close.

I moved a little boldly because I could clearly see the hidden lizard man thanks to my hallucinatory vision.

Hwanin, who approached a distance of 4m from the river, gazed at the ghost who was about 10m away and said to himself,



He sang with half confidence, but Hwanin felt a thrill running down his spine at the sight of the ghost approaching slowly.

It is a ghost that does not act or react until it is called. But you really came because you said you were coming.

Is it possible to cast a ghost now?

While gazing at the ghost of a beast-headed monster approaching right in front of him, Hwanin suddenly realized that he felt something from the ghost.

This…… Sadness? Pain?

It’s a very pale and vague feeling. Plus, it feels like if I say something there, there will be a response.

Hwanin, who was about to say something to the ghost, shut his mouth when he saw a hidden lizard man approaching from the right bank of the river.

It was not one of the seven that had been located, but a new lizard man approaching from afar.

Rather, I didn’t notice it when I was looking at it from a distance, but when I looked at it from a relatively close distance, I could see that the place where the lizard man was was trembling as if it were covered with a good camouflage film.

Is it the natural speed of a lizard man walking so slowly, or is he moving cautiously for hunting?

Seeing himself as a prey and seemingly approaching, Hwanin appropriately secured an escape route, then lifted a pebble the size of his fist and threw it at the lizard man.

Shh- Puck!


The pebbles flew in a neat parabola and hit the lizard man’s head, and although it was a bit shocking, I could hear the lizard man’s wind blowing.

And the lizard man who reveals his skin as if peeling off.

The lizard man, who had been walking on two legs, flicked his snake-like tongue a couple of times as if he was feeling bad about the stone sling, then bent his upper body and became quadrupedal.

In that state, it strides forward, but honestly, it was slow, like a turtle galloping, so it didn’t pose a threat.

His head said there was no reason to fight, but his heart thumped as if encouraging him to fight the lizard.

Rather than following a rational and reasonable judgment, I have a strong desire to move as my heart tells me. Is this desire?

Hwanin, determined to fight, looked around.

The seven of them, submerged in a nearby river, do not budge. There was only one in front of me that was approaching.

When Hwanin grabbed the spear stick and took a stabbing posture, the lizard man who was walking on four legs stopped at a distance of 5m.

‘Jump attack.’

After reading the lizard man’s jumping motion, Hwanin put strength on his knees and slightly bent them.


As soon as the lizard man jumped, Hwanin, who caught his snout opening slightly, moved diagonally forward, anticipating the attack trajectory of his tongue, and raised his spear.


As the silver flash passed in an arc, a chunk of flesh the size of his fist flew away spraying blood from the cut end like a kite with a string cut off, and the lizard man landed on the ground, closing his eyes tightly and flinching.

Seeing the blood dripping from the snout and splattering in all directions, it seems that a lot of blood was flowing through the tongue.

Seeing the Lizard Man confused by the pain and seeing it as an opportunity, Hwanin Kung, took a strong step off the ground with his right foot and slashed his spear.


More than half of the blades, which were close to 40 cm long, dug into the human chest.

The scale’s defense is lower than expected. The moment Hwanin, who judged the thickness of the scales and skin by the feeling and resistance when stabbed, tried to swing the spear.

‘The bond is weak. It breaks.’

Feeling the load concentrated on the joint between the spear shaft and the blade, he hurriedly retrieved the spear.

Even if it wasn’t for that, in terms of human beings, a lizard with a spear blade stuck near the pit of the stomach would make a sound of distress and try to grab the spearhead.

He is a lizard man who easily drags into the river, ignoring the resistance of a beast-headed monster weighing nearly 30kg. Going to a power showdown is stupid.

As Hwanin stepped back, the lizard man approached with great strides while not being so incapacitated.

Seeing that something like snorting comes out, it seems that he is quite angry.

Hwanin kept his distance while paying attention to the movements of the lizard man’s lower body…….


The moment the lizard man put out his left foot, he immediately closed the distance and stabbed him in the chest again.



This time, the spear pierced through the chest, but the lizard man didn’t care and attacked Hwanin with his arms and mouth wide open with his reptilian eyes wide open.

“…… !”

Eight short but sharp claws rushed in from the left and right, and a snout with teeth like jagged teeth approached from the front.

Rather than letting go of the spear and avoiding it, Hwanin pushed the spear further.


He swung the spear like a baseball bat and threw the lizard man away.

Sherry Rick!

Since it was a straight spear with no place to hang on, the centrifugal force freed it from the spear and the lizard man, who rolled on the gravel field, used his tail to straighten his posture in an instant.

‘I don’t have enough stopping power to stab.’

Although he had been stabbed twice, the lizard man, who flicked his severed tongue a few times as if nothing had happened, threw himself flat on his stomach and rushed towards Hwanin.


The moment Hwanin, who was glaring at the lizard man rushing at him on all fours, opened his mouth to bite him.


I thrust the spear into his muzzle.

The blade of the spear scratching something hard is transmitted through the window frame. At the same time, I gave strength to my back and legs to keep from falling under the weight of the lizard man who was running.

After the rush stopped, the lizard man swallowed the spear more than 1m long and began to twist his whole body while being threaded like a skewer.

Hwanin, who felt the half-embedded spear bent as if it were going to break, hurriedly backed away with the spear.

Kuok, kakak! Quiche…… !

The Lizard Man flipped over to reveal his belly and struggled on his limbs.

Red blood gushed out through the snout and jumped up and down like a fish pulled alive out of the water.

Feeling beads of sweat running down his forehead, Hwanin watched the lizard man who was holding his breath tenaciously, then looked around.

Perhaps because of their low kinship consciousness, no lizard humans approached yet.

Hwanin, who took out a stone ax from his waist, struck the struggling lizard on the neck without hesitation.


‘Are the scales weak only when stabbed?’

I hit it as hard as I could, but only cracked a few scales.

Hwanin, who gave more strength to his arm, hit the same spot several times in a row. Scattered and shattered fragments of scales bounced, flesh was torn apart, and blood splattered in all directions.

Hwanin wiped the sweat from his forehead with his sleeve and let out a small breath.

Perhaps because of the violent movement, my heart is pounding and sweat flows like rain.

Watching the lizard human corpse dangling with his head cut in half, Hwanin caught his breath and began to slice through the lizard human stomach with a stone axe.

‘I need to check the location of the internal organs.’

Slashing is impossible due to the durability of the spear. Furthermore, the scales of lizard humans are highly durable against blows.

It means to kill by stabbing, but with a blade that is only about 7cm wide, you have to aim for major internal organs or vital points. However, Hwanin did not have much knowledge about lizards.

Hwanin, who spread his stomach to the left and right to acquire information, began to identify the location of the lizard man’s internal organs.

I did…….

“…… After.”

The location of the heart was in the middle of the arms.

In other words, if the first spear was stabbed 10 cm upward, the lizard man would have died instantly.

The liver and lungs were laid between the ribs, as if half overlapping the heart, but the ribs did not have breastbones, unlike people who protect the intestines with breastbones and rib cartilage.

If you aim well and sting, it means that even a lizard man can be killed in one blow.

The rest of the internal organs were gathered in the lower part of the stomach, wrapped in the peritoneum like a human, but Hwanin stopped paying attention because he had no knowledge of whether this was the same as the lizard on Earth.

Anyway, just aim for the center of the left and right shoulder lines.


Hwanin stood up, wiping the sweat from his face.

Excluding the tail, dissecting a creature the size of an adult male was a more labor-intensive act than expected.

Looking around, the ghost that approached him was floating nearby. There are no other ghosts left.

Why is it left alone?

While thinking for a moment, something whitish came out of the corpse of a lizard-human that seemed to have been dissected, but it looked completely different from the beast-headed monster and slightly frowned.

The size was similar to that of the previous life, and the shape was also to the extent that it was recognizable as a lizard human to the naked eye.

The transparency is also high, so you can clearly see the other side.

‘Why is the shape so different?’

The seven beast-headed monster ghosts were all the same shape.

The animal ghost, which looked like a mixture of a horse and a deer, was so vivid that it was no different from a living animal except for color and transparency.

The lizard man is also distinct, but compared to animal ghosts, the difference between 2160p and 144p is as great.

Does that mean there are differences between races?

Amid growing curiosity, Hwanin cautiously approached the ghost of the beast-headed monster and held out the head of the deer antlers staff.


The ghosts that spread like fog do not react to the actions of the Hwanin.

Hwanin, who thought for a moment about what to do, recalled how he had responded to his call and ordered it in his head. Come here.


Then the ghost of the beast-headed monster shuddered and turned into a small, faint orb that clung to the horn of the staff.

“…… !”

Is an order without a designated target made over a wide area? The lizard man’s ghost also saw it approaching and stopped moving when I told the lizard man’s ghost to stop.

My heart started beating thump.

‘Is this the preparation stage for the colorless explosion that the green monster shot?’

You can give orders to ghosts. The ghost attaches to the wand in the form of a bead.

Hwanin, who inferred one thing from the two facts, thought that if that was the case, he would be perfect, and he instructed the ghost of a lizard to follow him.

I need to find out more about ghosts.

Returning to the cliff where he hid his emergency food and belongings, Hwanin started preparing for camping with the intention of spending the night near the river.

It is located less than 100m away from the riverside cliff, and the 1 to 1.5m tall bushes grow luxuriantly to the size of a slightly larger garden, making it an ideal place to hide.

Hwanin, who took out a rusty dagger and cut down a 3-pyeong area of ​​the bush, gathered the bushes and spread animal skins on them.


After throwing his emergency food to bed, Hwanin began to explore his ghost and his abilities in earnest.


Currently, there are two things he can do: being able to see the color system of living things by opening his hallucinatory vision, and accepting warmth and cool energy into his body and converting them into warm and cold energy.

Added to this is commanding the spirits with a staff.

Once you look at the color system, there is nothing more to review.

I guess that the heat and cold might circulate through the body like blood, but there is currently no way to confirm it.


Hwanin, who opened and closed his fists, began to test things in front of the ghost of a lizard man.

The level of instruction is very basic.

Come. Good. Stand up follow me

Other orders did not move as if they did not understand.

When the command to come is given by holding out the staff, it turns into a round, dim sphere of light and clings to the staff’s antlers. And I guessed that this sphere of light would be invisible to others.

That’s because it emits light on its own, but the light did not illuminate other objects even when applied to the bush, the ground, or the leather.

Quack. Back.

Hwanin, who finished the test roughly, left the last check and looked at the emergency ration he ate with coral mushroom crumbs he threw with deepened eyes.


As for what ghosts can do, there are three things in Hwanin’s knowledge.

The spirit of the spirit, the spirit of possession, and the spirit of death.

Excluding the Commander as it seems to have nothing to do with his ability.

Spirit and possession have the same point of putting a ghost on the target, but if you look at the contents, they are completely different.

Necromancer has a strong aspect of borrowing the power of the soul, while possession is written on the soul and gives the soul the initiative.

‘Eight green monsters.’

Hwanin was convinced that the nimble movements they showed were the result of the program.

Hwanin looked at the ghost of a human lizard floating above the bush.

Can I force that ghost? If possible, what effect would it have?

I’m sure it’s a code, but it’s like trust that I can’t pinpoint the source.

You shouldn’t try something like that with your own body. Even so, finding a monster and forcing it on a monster is an act of strengthening the enemy.


When the hand that feeds them stops, the emergency rations look at Hwanin and cry.

Seeing this, Hwanin made a decision.

Labyrinth story

Labyrinth story

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
It is not a matter of carelessly picking up things that fall on the road. A wandering period in another world that takes place because of a gold coin he picked up on the road.


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