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Labyrinth Story 1

Labyrinth Story 1

Chapter 1 – 001 -?

Burdock- uh uh uh-

The cries of animals or birds pierce the dark forest.

A tree as tall as an apartment building and densely grown. The feeling of damp and damp piles of fallen leaves and the smell of fishy soil that is hard to smell in the city.

Standing in the middle of a natural primeval forest devoid of human presence, Hwanin, dressed in a suit, looked up.

A small blue sky can be seen between the leaves and branches spread out like an umbrella at a far high place.


Hwanin looked at what he was holding in his hand.

A single shiny gold coin.

The moment I blinked after picking up a gold coin that was shining strangely on the ground, the back alley of the concrete forest turned into a dense forest.

An ordinary or normal human would have panicked at the mysterious situation where the surrounding environment has changed 180 degrees…….

Hwanin, who looked around, found an unknown footprint on the dingy ground and was lost in thought for a while.

It is not a human footprint, nor is it an animal footprint.

I don’t know where this is, but if the unknown beast is aggressive…….

Putting gold coins in his pocket, Hwanin silently looked for something that could be used as a weapon for self-defence.


Then, they found a 2m-long tree branch comparable in strength to an oak tree, stepped on the thin and slender tip to break it, cut off the twigs with a special alloy multi-tool, and began trimming them with a club.

Sak, seokkeol, deodeuk, deodeuk.

There is also the option of using a multi-tool knife as a weapon. It’s a platinum-gold alloy, so it’s abrasion resistance 100 times that of steel, so it can fulfill the role of a weapon.

However, due to the nature of the multi-tool’s design, it was Hwanin who was thinking of refraining from using it as a weapon as the joint part was likely to be easily broken.


Fold the multi-tool, put it in your pocket, and swing the properly completed club.

Booung- Wooooong-

For something improvised, a heavy pagong sound resounds.

The center of gravity is concentrated at the end, so a lot of load is applied to the hand, but where is this?

Hwanin, who had wielded a club a couple of times that was crude enough to be called a weapon, recalled the memory of the kendo gym he had attended for several years, took a stance and swung the club properly.

Woong- Woong- Huong-

Frontal blow. Whip the left and right sides. Fast action strokes.


The memory of the kendo gym that my parents gave me, saying that if you can’t empathize with the pain of others, you need at least objective information about pain so you can think about yourself.

He was kicked out by a kendo master in the end because he only tried to learn techniques to knock down opponents, not to gain skill points, but the skills he had learned over the years were still ingrained in his body.

Hwanin, who moved his body for a while and woke up from his sleeping memory, grabbed the wooden stick and walked silently into the forest.

Hwanin, stepping on piles of fallen leaves and avoiding thick roots protruding from the ground, could not come up with anything to explain the situation.

What does this situation mean?

I’ve had lucid dreams a few times. That’s why the illusionist is convinced that this is not a lucid dream.

Because the existence of the forest that stimulates the five senses so vividly cannot be a lucid dream.

It’s not that I’m drunk and looking at nothing. I drank a few drinks while watching my former job that was ruined enough to catch the news, but it was a low-alcohol cocktail in the first place.

The memory right before coming here is also clear.

Why, what happened did I fall into the jungle like this?

The thick, sharp eyebrows furrowed slightly as she turned back the bushes that had grown to the height of her chest, revealing the traces of the road.

However, no matter how you look at it, it doesn’t look like a road that people walked through.

A person walks through a forest without a path and naturally prunes and clears branches and bushes that block his view. When dozens or hundreds of people step on the ground and remove tree branches as they come and go, the trail is completed.

So, is it the beast way?

‘It’s not even a beast way.’

The path of the beast is lower and narrower than this, and at first glance it does not appear to be a path.

Hwanin narrowed his eyes.

The unidentified footprints you just saw.

I put strength into the hand holding the club and slowly walk away from the road.

Its foot prints were similar to those of an ape, but its toes were longer. Above all, apes usually have five toes like humans, but only four.

‘Was there an ape with four toes?’

No matter who the owner of the footprint is, if it is a civilization that walks barefoot in a forest like this, there is a high possibility that violence will come and go when he encounters it.

Sensing this intuition, Hwanin decided that he should avoid the owner of the footprint as much as possible, and those who are sure to be more than one by looking at the trail that has been created.


The sound of the small shaking of the bush and the rustling of grass insects disappeared. And it was at that moment that I noticed a subtle but unpleasant smell starting to drift around.


Puss. Pussut.

Bushes swaying briefly several times. Hwanin slowly moved away and sharpened his senses.

I can’t feel the wind. Then something must be touching the bush.

The situation ahead of an encounter with an unknown in an unidentified place was tense even for Hwanin, who sometimes heard that he was a psychopath.

Slowly stand with your back to a nearby tree. It is a tree thick enough that three adult men could barely hug it with their arms wide open. Being attacked from behind will suffice.

Hwanin thought so, and the moment he witnessed the three, or no, three, monsters appearing in the grass, he immediately turned around and sprinted in the opposite direction.

Kyaaak! Kyao Ok!
Keek! Keek-!!

The green-skinned monsters, which had been hardened for a while after encountering an unexpected creature, started chasing Hwanin with a scream.

Hwanin confirmed the characteristics of a bipedal monster for a short time just before fleeing.

Skinny limbs that look like skewers. In comparison, the lower belly protruded to the point of being excessive. About 10 years old tall.

If he brought out the mouth of the sword of hell, he would have resembled that green monster.

And a crude spear made of wood and a stone ax from the Paleolithic Age made by splitting stones.

The moment Hwanin saw it, he excluded the option of sticking from the front.

I don’t know where this place is. What is certain is that it is a remote area in the forest, far from civilization. If you get hurt while fighting, your chances of survival become uncertain.

‘Running won’t be fast.’

Kiyooo clothes!!

As expected by Hwanin, the speed of the green monster was not fast.

He manages to chase them with his weak-looking legs, but thanks to the difference in stride length and other physical abilities, his running speed was incomparable.

Hwanin caught sight of the monster chasing him while sprinting, glancing at him every once in a while screaming.

‘What is that? Is it an animal Or natives of the outback jungle?’

The dark green skin of the monsters, which covered only their lower limbs with rough and stiff leather, as if they didn’t even know how to tan, plus sharp teeth like sharks and blood-red eyes, were not human at all.

His appearance was horrific enough to frighten even an adult, but Hwanin wasn’t scared, he was thinking about how to kill him.

‘He’s not human. So even if I kill them, there won’t be anything against the law.’

If they are punished, will they be fined for damage to property or violation of the Rare Animal Protection Act?

Kyakyak! Ki hee!
Heck! Big-!

“Whoa, whoa. Woo-wook.”

Amidst the loud sound of the wind brushing past your ears, you can clearly hear the breaths of monsters panting more than you do.

The shoes hinder the sprint a bit, but it’s not too hard.

I have been steadily training my basic physical strength, so I am confident that I can last 20 minutes at this level of running.

However, those monsters will run out of stamina even after 20 minutes. I might give up the chase before then.


As he ran carefully under his feet, he remembered the feel of the club in his hand.

Not even empty handed The difference in weight class as well as the difference in physical strength is clearly revealed.

Hwanin had no intention of returning alive the monster that was chasing him as if he were trying to kill him. His motto is that the man who is about to hit must be prepared to be beaten.

Hwanin watched his feet and checked the distance from the monster chasing him.

One with a (relatively) good physique is chasing the most ahead, and the two are chasing in line, a bit behind.

Made a judgment

Hwanin found a particularly large tree in front of him and naturally turned towards it. Then, pretending to avoid the tree, he quickly hides behind a tree, grabs the wooden club with both hands, and waits while catching his breath.

…… Tick ​​tock tock… !

Kiyaaaaa…… !

The sound of the monster’s running and screaming gets closer and closer. Listen to the sound and apply moderate strength to your arms. And after a while



Dripping filthy drool, I dove at the green monster that emerged from the side of the tree and swung my club at his head.


The green monster, hit in the face by the club held in both hands, fell out without even screaming with its head bent at a right angle.

Eyeballs popped out from the impact, forehead dented like a club, the monster drooled and convulsed its limbs.


I felt the pounding heart of Hwanin, who had trampled on and broken the monster’s neck with an expressionless expression.

A chill ran through his skin at the sense of taking away his life, but Hwanin immediately picked up the dingy stone ax that the dead green monster was holding and threw it at the second monster that appeared again.

Hong Hong Hong-!

The ill-balanced stone ax passed over the head of a green monster holding a wooden spear and disappeared into the woods.


However, Hwanin did not feel sorry for it and, startled by the suddenly flying ax, ran to the hardened green monster and pulled the wooden spear out with one hand.


It was a green monster that reflexively grabbed the wooden spear and gave it strength, but the difference between strength and weight was overwhelming.

The green monster that came with the wooden spear fell to the ground as Hwanin intended, and Hwanin struck the back of the green monster’s head with a stick.


The green monster’s larynx was visibly sunken in the merciless attack.

The club made a snapping sound at the two blows and was broken in half, but Hwanin threw away the club without hesitating for a second and grabbed a 1m long wooden spear.

And he gave his gaze to the last remaining one.

Key, Kiek?!

Thanks to the last green monster, who was relatively weak and ran slowly, he saw how all his people were killed by Hwanin.

In the eyes of such a green monster, it could not be helped that Hwanin looked like a god of death.


Hwanin’s eyes lit up as he saw the green monster throwing away the wooden skewer he was holding and running away.

Since it was a creature I had never seen before, I thought it might be like a monster, but in the face of death, it was no different from an ordinary animal.

Hwanin caught up with the green monster as it desperately ran away to live, aimed at the monster’s back, and used a wrist snap to rotate and stab it.


The wooden spear pierced the green monster’s stomach.

Ugh…… Rrrr.

The green monster let out a blood-boiling groan and trembled as it gripped the tip of a wooden spear jutting out from its chest. And I struggled to turn my head to look at the reaper, but…….


Hwanin threw the green monster through the wooden spear without mercy.

Hwanin, who held his breath for a moment as he opened and closed his hands in excitement that his life had been taken, muttered as he looked at the three monsters he had killed with emotionless eyes.

“I really don’t understand.”

No matter how different the empathy ability was from ordinary people, I couldn’t help but feel absurd to be at this level.

Picking up a gold coin in a musty back alley is transported to a place where these monsters exist. Does this make sense?

I wondered if it was a dream, but the minutes of running and my pounding heart with the excitement of killing taught me that it was all real and true.


Hwanin, who quickly cooled his excitement and grasped the situation calmly, took the rag-like skins from the corpses of the three dead monsters, cut the vines that wrapped around the nearby trees, and tied the hides properly.

And he began to hide the monster’s body in the dense bush.

The smell from the monster was to the point of being terrifying.

Your sense of smell won’t be as good as your body smells like this. So if you keep it hidden like this, it will be considerably delayed from being discovered by the monster’s kin.

After roughly erasing the traces of the battle, Hwanin inspected the wooden spear that killed the monster.

“…… The smell of blood is troublesome.”

The tip of the wooden spear was only slightly crushed. If you sharpen it with a knife, you can use it again, but the green monster’s red blood is too much.

Even if you wipe it off with leather, it will stink over time.

Hwanin, who threw the wooden spear, remembered the stone ax he had thrown for the first time and looked in the direction he threw it. And when he found a stone ax embedded in a large tree, he took a closer look at it, feeling curious.

The shape was single-edged, and the dark gray stone that served as the handle, as well as the black stone that served as the blade, was also a material that Hwanin had no memory of.


As a test, I applied moderate force and took a tree, and the tree was dug out in a triangular shape.

Nonetheless, there is no damage to the stone axe.

“The string that binds the hilt and blade doesn’t seem to be plant material…….”

Anyway, it seems to be useful as a weapon. The short reach bothers me, so it would be nice to make another wooden spear or club.

Hwanin, who took a stone axe and carried a leather rag with a musty smell on his back, quickly left the spot.

Don’t know where to go You may know where something is. However, it is not possible to stay in the place where the monster was encountered.

‘Seeing that they were active during the day, they probably weren’t nocturnal, and they weren’t holding prey in their hands, so I guess it must have been hunting or reconnaissance.’

Then first…….

Hwanin, who made a quick decision, started to move in the opposite direction of the monster’s direction.

Labyrinth story

Labyrinth story

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
It is not a matter of carelessly picking up things that fall on the road. A wandering period in another world that takes place because of a gold coin he picked up on the road.


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