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I Entered the Martial Arts World. 762

I Entered the Martial Arts World. 762

Chapter 762 – 763. The Leader’s Seat Has Become Vacant.

“If it’s a sword… Is it a dragon tail sword by any chance!?”

Ha Soo-ryun, who heard Seon-woo’s words, asked him with a surprised expression.

“Oh, did you know?”

Sunwoo asked with a surprised expression.

“How can you not know? The fact that Seonwu-nim stole the dragonmiyeonsword from Lee Ye-seol is a fact known to all who know.”

“Was it that famous?”

Seonwoo asked with a surprised expression.

It was such a disgrace from the position of the munpa, so I thought he was hiding it, but

Everyone in the know seemed to know.

“Of course, Moorim’s six major talents, Yongmi Yeongeom, have appeared, but how can rumors not spread?”

“…That’s also true.”

He shook his head as if approving of her words.

It’s because I haven’t been conscious in a while.

The Yongmi Yeongeom was a famous sword that would not exist again in the world.

As a topic of conversation among the public, it is incomparable.

“And the fact that he extorted money by threatening dragons is also famous.”

“Threats? It’s just a little courtesy.”

Sunwoo continued with a confident expression.

“I don’t think the later Jisoo who took money from Seonwoo would think that way, right?”

Ha Su-ryun continued with a puzzled expression.

She was the one who robbed the later exponents of 50,000 nyang in the name of compensation for mental damage and consolation money.

But how can it be packaged as a little sincerity?

“Well, think whatever you like.”

Sunwoo continued as if it was no big deal.

I already got the money, what does it matter

“Sunwoo seems to be rational, but sometimes I think he goes out of his way.”

Ha Soo-ryun shook her head from side to side and continued her words.

“Anyway, I can introduce you to the field chief. But you won’t be able to find a sword as big as the Yongmi Yeongeom.

“Can’t you fix it?”

“Repair is even more difficult.  No field commander will be able to realize the special abilities of Yongmi Yeongeom.”

Ha Su-ryun spoke in a firm tone.

The Yongmi Yeongeom wasn’t just a hard sword.

You can increase or decrease the size and thickness at will.

It is a sword with mysterious abilities.

There was no way that there would be a field that could implement such a sword.

“…It’s difficult.”

Hearing this, Seonwoo put on a troubled expression.

He realized the importance of a good quality sword through his fight with the swordsman.

If they were equally skilled, the game could be decided by the sword.

Therefore, he tried to repair the Yongmiyeon sword or obtain a sword equivalent to it.

It was because she thought it was the most perfect black dragon Miyeon sword.

However, it is impossible to repair the Yongmi Yeongeom or obtain a corresponding sword.

How can you not be troubled?

“…Is there no way?”

Seonwoo looked at Ha Su-ryun with a desperate expression and asked.

As for whether there is a right way to do something.

“…Hmm…As expected, it’s impossible… A sword that’s equivalent to the six great records…”

Ha Su-ryun shook his head from side to side and continued his words.

No matter how you think about it, it was unreasonable.

Why is the Yongmi Yeongeom called the Six Great Gibo of Moorim?

Isn’t it because it is one of the many famous swords?

It was impossible to find a substitute for such a yongmi-softened sword easily.


Hearing her words, Sunwoo let out a deep sigh.

She wondered if it would take longer than expected to obtain the sword.


Cheonmu-maeng internal conference room

Numerous elders occupied their seats with serious expressions on their faces.

None of them opened their mouths.

I just kept quiet.

How long has it been like that

“Isn’t the goddamn too late?”

At that time, Lee Se-jin, the youngest of the elders, spoke slowly.

It seemed that the party who summoned the meeting felt puzzled because it was late.

“Daedam! Be careful with your words! What kind of nonsense is that for a person who will become the leader and inherit the glory of the Murim League! Call me a lady or a leader!”

And upon hearing that, Gye Sang-deuk glared at him with sharp eyes and raised his voice.

It was Miss Ju, who raised her status by publicizing Lee Jae-won’s atrocities to the world.

If only official procedures are followed, it is only a matter of time before he completely seizes the real power of the Cheonmu-maeng and becomes the leader.

But how could she be given the unreasonable title of her godfather?

It is said that the title of the godfather is related to Lee Jae-won, who is guilty of high treason.

It was an insulting title.

You shouldn’t put it in your mouth carelessly.

“…I made a mistake. I’m sorry.”

Hearing his screams, Lee Se-jin shuddered and immediately apologized.

It was because he did not want to stimulate Kye Sang-deuk’s dirty temper.


After receiving his apology, Sang-deuk Gye turned his head to the side with an expression of disapproval.

He tried to shoot it, but he apologized right away.

It was because I was at a loss for what to say.

“…Anyway, lady, you’re too late.”

Lee Se-jin continued with a calm expression.

“Why don’t you come on your own? How can you be so impatient!”

“…It’s already been half an hour.”

“There must be a reason! Did you see her as a reckless person who was late for no reason?”

“That’s not… But…”

“Then shut up and wait! Where are you going to bruise the lady!”

Gye Sang-deuk continued by blowing out his snort.

Soon after, sharp eyes began pouring here and there.

Everyone seemed to be of one mind with Gye Sang-deuk.

‘Old people with no arms’

Sensing his gaze, Lee Se-jin frowned.

It seemed to me that no one was on his side in this meeting room.

Lee Se-jin bit her mouth tightly.

Because I didn’t want to open my mouth for no reason and get hit by criticism.

Suddenly, a heavy silence settled in the meeting room.

How long has it been like that

Kiki profit

Suddenly, the door to the meeting room slowly opened.

Then the eyes of the elders began to gather in the conference hall.

And could see

The dazzling beauty of a noble lady

It was the address.

The elders eagerly waited for their own young lady.

“I’m sorry…Uncles…I was too late?”

So-yang entered the room and continued talking with a sullen expression on her face.

“We just arrived too!”

“That’s right! Never mind!”

Seeing that expression on her face, her elders hurriedly began to comfort her.

Seeing her sullen face made her heart ache.

And Lee Se-jin looked at them with a pathetic expression.

The elders didn’t change at all from last time.

Rather, he is coming out with a low profile on the subject of anti-sijin or waiting.

Just because Miss Juju is sullen.

How can I not look at you pathetically?

“Thank you for understanding. Uncles.”

Receiving their intense comfort, Miss Soo continued with a soft smile.

And the elders who faced that smile began to smile warmly.

It was a very different look than usual, strict, self-righteous, and twisted.

Again and again

After saying thanks, Miss Ju-su quickly moved on.


And she soon sat down in the place that corresponds to the seat of honor.

“I’ll get into the main topic as quickly as it’s late.”

She continued her words with a twinkle in her eyes, as beautiful as obsidian.

And the elders who heard that began to focus on the mouth of Miss Ju.

“Everyone is curious about how things went and how it all ended.”

Ju Ju-soo continued her words in a calm tone.

All the elders now knew was that Lee Jae-won had been evacuated to a safe house.

After that, nothing was heard at all.

“I’ll tell you the conclusion first… Lee Jae-won is dead.”

Ju Ju-san opened her mouth with a heavy expression on her face.



And the elders who heard her words were silent with complex expressions on their faces.

I knew his condition was serious.

By the sword god

His face was sore that his red skin was exposed.

His limbs are disfigured,

The lamb was completely crushed.

It was a serious injury that would not be strange if he died at any time.

That’s why they also left open the possibility of implicit death.

But when I heard about his death, I started to feel complicated.

Just a few days ago, he was the Cheonmu Lord, who commanded the world and wielded absolute power.

Do you think he died in such a miserable way?

The feeling is really strange.

“…Did you kill her?”

Then, Lee Se-jin slowly opened his mouth.

It was because he wondered who was the one who gave him the end.

Dori dori

Addressing his question, Miss Address shook his head from side to side.

“No, I didn’t kill him.”

“Then the swordsman!?”

“It’s not even the Sword God… It’s Uncle Yoon who killed him.”

“…Yoon Daehyup!?”

Hearing her words, Lee Se-jin made a questioning expression.

It was because I didn’t understand.

Didn’t Jekyeom Yoon say he would protect Lee Jaewon safely?

But how can Lee Jae-won be killed by Yoon Jae-gyeom?

“…Everything…I’ll tell you everything.”

In response to his question, Yang So-yang spoke in a calm tone.

Then, slowly and in detail, he began to tell everything that had happened.

Arriving at the safe house where the Jinbeop was laid.

The one that cut off his leg so he couldn’t escape.

Yoon Je-gyeom betrayed him and stole Lee Jae-won.

And the sword god, who noticed the betrayal, chased after him.

Even the moment when he was about to kill Lee Jae-won, Yoon Je-gyeom struck him and put a sword through his heart.


And the faces of the elders who heard the words began to become heavy.

Jaewon Lee’s death is also death

It was because Yoon Je-gyeom’s betrayal was so shocking.

It was Yoon Je-gyeom who served as the spiritual support of the elders.

Do you think he betrayed you?

Numerous emotions such as embarrassment and surprise, betrayal and anger, pity and sadness filled their hearts and confused them.

They could understand

About the motive behind Yoon Je-gyeom’s betrayal.

It must have been for revenge against her granddaughter.

But I couldn’t forgive.

No matter how much, he made a name for himself as a member of the political faction.

The fact that he planned to commit himself to the Demonic Cult

Even hurting Miss Soo, who is as precious as the sky.

“…The fleshly bastard.”

Gye Sang-deuk, who had been silent, spat out a curse.

It looked like he was very angry.

“He died selfishly until the end.”

“No, Elder Gye! How can you say such harsh words!?”

Hearing that, Lee Se-jin asked him with a puzzled expression.

He was also fully aware that Yoon Je-gyeom did not make the right choice.

But I did understand.

Why did he have no choice but to betray?

“I can say more. What a fucking dog!”

Gye Sang-deuk swears even more violently.


“Did I say something wrong?”

Gye Sang-deuk raised his voice as he glared at Lee Se-jin with burning eyes.

“I betrayed the lady at a crucial moment and stole Lee Jae-won. Because of my selfishness! How can I not call him a dog?”

“But Daehyeop Yoon has a grudge against Jaewon Lee…”

“Is he the only one who has a grudge against Lee Jae-won?”

Kye Sang-deuk continued with a cold expression on his face.

“Yes, let’s assume that we can get him out of the way by yielding a hundred times. But then you think about committing yourself to the Demonic Cult? This is nothing to say even if you go overboard with swear words! You mean catch!”

Gye Sang-deuk raised his voice and started shouting loudly.

Although he was emotional, he could understand Yoon Je-gyeom’s betrayal.

Because he was also his grandfather, who had granddaughters who wouldn’t hurt to put them in his eyes.

However, the behavior after the betrayal was so bad that there was nothing to say even if he was criticized.

To think that an author who is known as a political faction committed himself to the Demonic Cult?

How can you make such a bad number?

It was a demonic cult that had invaded central plains for hundreds of years, committing murder, looting, cowardice, torture, and massacre.

The Demonic Cult was made up of demons without blood or tears.

But why do you think of committing yourself to the Demonic Cult?

It was absurd.


Hearing his passionate speech, Lee Se-jin bit his mouth tightly.

It was because he fully recognized that his words were not wrong.

“And above all, that bastard hurt the lady! How can he not swear!”
“That’s right! No matter how you cut the lady down! Isn’t that crazy?!”

“The author must be out of his mind! A wound to our lady’s body!”

“If you had been in front of me, I would have cut off your head!”

Soon, the elders who sympathized with Kye Sang-deuk’s words began to shout in anger.

It was because the fact that he had hurt Ju So-yang was so reprehensible and angry.

“…I’m fine. Uncles…It’s already over, right? I can understand Uncle Yoon’s feelings.”

Ju Soo-yang, who was looking at that figure, slowly opened his mouth.

It was because he felt the need to calm down somewhat.

“And above all, I don’t think what’s important right now is Uncle Yoon’s betrayal.”

Soju continued with a calm expression on her face.

“The important thing now is who to put in the seat of the vacant position of the Heavenly Armed Lord.”

The girl’s eyes began to shine like starlight.

It’s like there’s something up.

I Entered the Martial Arts World.

I Entered the Martial Arts World.

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