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How to Tame My Beastly Husband 164

How to Tame My Beastly Husband 164

Gaiden 9


It was then. Drenched in her exhaustion, Risha took off her gloves and approached her and found the lapel. At first, she was puzzled, not knowing why Lafel was here. Only then did she frown.

“I was going to call you, but you seem impatient. Now, wash your hands in a basin first. And wear this gown too. A newborn baby is very vulnerable to external contamination.”

Like a frightened child, Lapel obediently followed Lisa's her instructions her her.And after he pushed her on her back her her, he walked over to her bedside her, gasping for breath as if she were about to cry.

Finally, the figure of Annette, who had been hidden by Allamand, came into view.Fortunately, it was not the pale, bloodless face Lafel had seen in his nightmares.

Her face was red, drenched in sweat, her cheeks swollen and blood oozing from between her chapped lips.

Annette did not look dead, but she looked very sick and exhausted Seeing the limp Annette with her eyes closed Lapel called her name her in a trembling voice.

“Ah, Annette…”


Annette opened her eyes, calling his name her in a terribly cracked voice. No matter how severe the pain of childbirth she must have been, her beautiful eyes are bursting with blood vessels and are bloodshot and ready to suck. Unique to a living person in her eyes.

The moment he saw this, Rafel felt something overflow in her heart without realizing it.


Only then did Lafel crawl to Annette's side as she hurriedly knelt down and grabbed her her hand her her her sweaty hands her her though frail were hot That body temperature gave Lapel the greatest relief .

Her eyes her seemed strangely hot, and thick teardrops dripped down her cheeks her Unable to say anything, as if something big and hard had jammed her throat her Rafel just held Annette's hand her her and wept.

Annette widened her eyes in embarrassment at the sobbing of her husband her, whom she had never seen before. Rafel was a man who would rather bite his tongue than show tears in public. When he distorted his face and cried like a child, I burst into laughter because it was affectionate yet lovely.

“Why are you crying, Lapel? Were you very worried?”

When Annette smiled lightly and asked, Lapel's cries rose even higher. All the anxiety and fear that he had been swallowed up for months until Annette gave birth became tears.

Allamand, who suddenly witnessed Lapel's tears, literally made a tremendous expression. He stared at Lapel with eyes that seemed to be looking at a person who was a little lacking. But seeing her sobbing while holding my daughter's hand tight, I was strangely.

'If I had to get a divorce, it would have been an uproar.'

Allamand recalled what he had told Annette to prepare for a divorce.He also recalled the face of Annette, who had a determined look on her face her saying that she had to protect her lapel her.

She said that children grow only when they are let go of her arms. Now that I think about it, her youngest daughter her, who was always like a girl, must have grown into an adult from then on. Allah, who clicked her tongue , turned her back on Lafel, who was still crying, and Annette, who looked at him warmly.

“Oh my God.”

Just then Risha was standing in the back holding a newborn baby She found Lapel with tears like chicken poop and crumpled her face She must have thought that she had seen the disdain of her master Her who usually wore her face her her.

Witnessing her likeness Her her, Allah made felt an unknown sense of comradeship in her Risha was holding the child wrapped in her blanketHer her dearly, as if she was about to show her child to her new mother and her husband her interest in his first grandchild her.

“Where, let's see.”

“Ah yes.”

Allamand's words literally meant to show the baby's face. It was definitely not my intention to give him a hand. He had never hugged even his biological children, Arjen and Annette, when they were babies. Nannies and maids.

However, Risha, who had just become her primary care physician, her, didn't know this fact.Without thinking, she gave her baby to her maternal grandfather, her, Allah Mand.

“Hug him so that he can support his head and keep his neck from breaking. If you have n't washed your hands, never touch your baby's face.”

Suddenly, Allamand, who tried to hold the baby, stiffened.Confused, he hardened his expression and looked down at the child's face her.

'It's red and shriveled. Strange.'

Allah Mand's feelings about him seeing his first grandchild were extremely real. The newborn child was pressed here and there in the narrow aisle, and his face and head were strange. Properly show his features.

So he couldn't help but look ugly in the eyes of those who saw the baby for the first time.

Allah Manu clicked his tongue at the unfamiliar and awkward feeling. The face of the child piled up in the blanket was very small. It was a face that had nothing to look at, but the weight of her small body was so light that it was a little sad. Allamand, who hated the feeling of being sentimental, asked Risha coldly.

“Is it a boy?”

“No, this is my beautiful granddaughter.”

Allamand clicked his tongue once more at Risha's words Her her No, I was going to kick it But then, the child who had been twitching with her eyes closed barely managed to open her eyes and looked at Ala Mand through puffy eyelids.

The baby's eyes were a very pale sky blue.Its color and shape were still unclear, but it was the purest eye Allamand had ever seen.It was also a color reminiscent of the color of the eyes of her mysteriously deceased wife his.

When those eyes met, no bad sound came out of her mouth.This was truly an act uncharacteristic of Allamand.He involuntarily squinted his eyes and stared into his first granddaughter's face.Looking at it this way,I thought it was pretty cute.

“Baby, is my baby…?”

Just then, the sound of Annette searching for the baby came from behind. After he succeeded in calming the crying Lapel to some extent, it seemed that he thought of the baby belatedly.

Suddenly awakened, Allamand quickly took his gaze away from the baby's face. And he handed the baby over to Risha, pretending not to be interested in anything. Then, after Lisa looked at her and took her child her in her arms her, she moved towards Rafel and Annette.

“It is a beautiful daughter, madam. Master. Congratulations.”

Annette, holding the baby in her arms Her her smiled happily She was wet with sweat Her hair clinging to her face Her and she was very haggard But her smile Her as she looked down at her baby her she was literally dazzling.

Rafel looked at his wife's face as if possessed with eyes that were still crying. Somehow he had a flash of realization that he would never forget this moment.

At this time, feeling his gaze at her, Annette showed the baby's face at her and asked.

It was only then that Rafel met his daughter her his for the first time His wide blue eyes his scanned the baby's face as if imprinting it.

The first child was born to Annette and herself out of love. The feeling of looking at that child was indescribably special. It was as if time had stopped for her, and her heart was touched as if a miracle had suddenly taken place in her own life.

Lafel's face contorted again after she had been unable to breathe for a while and looked at the baby.He knew he was pitiful, but he could n't control his overflowing emotions her.

The tip of his nose was red, and his sharp eyes were watery Seeing this, Annette laughed out loud and hugged Lapel with her other arm her.

“Why are you crying again, on such a good day. Like an idiot.”

Rafel buried his face in his wife's small shoulder her his, half his her own her her.And even though his voice her trembled, he managed to mumble.As Annette listened to her husband's voice her her Her corners of her eyes also turned slightly red.

“Thank you, fool. That's why I said everything would be fine. Both the child and I are healthy. This is all thanks to the amulet you saved.”

Annette, who had wiped away her tears, smiled as she pointed her chin at the amulet hanging next to the bed. As she went through the pains of her childbirth, the amulet shone at her bedside her, casting a soft light throughout her life. And each time she did, it felt like her pain in her in childbirth had eased a lot less.

Well, maybe it's just my mood.

Anyway, I'm glad it all went well.Her her finally relieved Lapel smiled at her with her wet faceHer her.Both Annette and Lapel were full of tears and laughter because of this small and lovely creature.

A smile passed across Allamand's lips as he watched the scene from behind. Real parenting will start now, but that will be okay. Because her daughter and son-in-law had a clear affection, a love for each other.

Allah Mae narrowly took her eyes off her first grandchild and she slowly turned her back.

Because the birth was ahead of schedule, the Arjen and Claire couple in the distant empire were still on their way. But they too will soon arrive in a few days to contribute to the riotous celebration.

Then the whole family will come together in one place. Just like the wind of the day that Annette from her previous life had been waiting for and longing for.

The time of tears and pain was all over, now only happy things were left.

– How to Tame a Wicked Beast (Complete) –

How to Tame My Beastly Husband

How to Tame My Beastly Husband

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Artist: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
‘I’m sure I was……dead.’ Annette Bavaria, a woman from the most prestigious noble family in the Deltium Kingdom, returned back to the day of her wedding. The groom’s face was fierce as they entered the hall for the ceremony. He clutched her arm tightly because he hated Annette terribly. Now they were going to have a hellish marriage again, hurting each other. *** “Don’t do this, Rafael.” “Shh, Annette. If you really want me to stop, please don’t open your dirty mouth. I’m going crazy right now because I want to squeeze it right in.” She looked at her husband tearing her clothes with tearful eyes. He was still horribly mean, arrogant, and a beast who only coveted her body. If she didn’t want to die again, she had to tame this wicked beast somehow. There was no other option.


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