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How to Subdue a Woman You Despise 126

How to Subdue a Woman You Despise 126

Chapter 126 – 126. Secret Account (2)

Since that day.

Nothing really changed.

On the outside, I work hard to keep up with my schedule.

When I came back, I immediately hung around and touched my phone.

However, by reducing the time to play games.

… I stayed away from it as much as possible for several years.

I tried my hand at ego search.

“… Ha.”

It was my first time in my life to see such explicit comments.

The only malicious comments I’ve seen so far are comments on articles.

At best, sexual harassment can only be found in fancam videos.

However, after literally falling into the abyss and watching what was being said, it was a waste to say that it was a sight to behold.

So much so that the man felt normal without any jokes.

I posted my picture on a ridiculous post asking, ‘If you have a little sister like this, what do you do every night?’, And I was so dumbfounded that I almost burst into laughter when I saw so many comments like ‘I’ m making a nephew right away’ and ‘I’m Joo Fam’.

The people who fought with Hwang Soo-ah yesterday had a clear purpose, but what on earth are these people doing this for?

Out of pure curiosity, I posted a comment asking what on earth I was doing without logging in, but surprisingly, my comment was pushed all the way to the next page without any response.

That felt a bit off-putting, so I increased the intensity a little more and briefly posted, ‘What are you perverts doing?’

But still no one responded, so I tried to raise the level a little more and curse at them.

After typing the sentence ‘at the level of idiots’, I felt so pathetic for a moment that I just quit.

… What are you going to do by fighting with these kids?

There is nothing to win or lose.

There was only one way to silence these idiots on the internet.

Just like she did last time.

It shows that there are different levels of human beings, so people can’t even open their mouths.

It’s not impossible for me.

It’s actually easier.

Just upload one photo and it will be over.

The only problem is that, unlike her, I am too famous.


… So I.

To my secret account with no followers.

It really doesn’t mean anything, I just take a picture of my hand and post it secretly.

There is not a single person to see.

A place where you can’t tell who I am even if you look at me.

Just like she did yesterday,

Raise your middle finger.

“Under…” , Haha…”

Although there wasn’t a single view count.

Let’s insert that photo among the comments that slander and vulgarly disparage me.

A feeling similar to the joy I felt that day grew in my heart.

… This is fun.

After finding out about that man, my heart, which had been so frustrating that I felt like I was going crazy, became surprisingly at ease.

I felt like I could understand the feelings of someone who shouted to the bamboo forest, ‘The king’s ears are donkey ears.’

While stroking my heart that has become even more relieved, I write a message and post it in my own bamboo forest that no one sees.

– Soup bastards, please wash up.

… Never.

Words that can never be said out loud.

Every time, every time we have a fan meeting.

Every time I sign an autograph.

The words I think of every time I shake hands.

I threw it away in the bamboo forest and never told anyone.

I felt empty inside.

I can sleep comfortably for the first time in weeks, covered with a blanket.

As much as I don’t know you guys.

You too.

Because you can’t imagine this is me.


… I think I’ll fall behind.

It’s also because I ran too hard last weekend.

There was a backlash when I stopped working and started doing it.

Above all, not knowing when the landlord might harm us was more stressful than I imagined.

If he had sneaked into my room and searched my computer, he would have done something.

Even though he was in pain for a few days and kept his mouth shut, it was a bit surprising that he didn’t say anything for a week.

It made me wonder if the goal was just to make my head hurt and scratch my nerves.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m a little tired.”

“… Then just lift your head slightly.”

As soon as I got home from work, I was so tired that I lay down on the sofa.

Haeun came out first after washing up and sat down next to me. She laid me down on her thighs and gently stroked my forehead.

I feel a soft texture on the back of my head, and a soft hand touches my head.

… It’s nice that I was able to spend this time without thinking about anything.

Because of people who hate this relationship.

I can’t enjoy it comfortably.

“… “Is your brother okay now?”

“Maybe? Because there is no contact.”

Unlike me, Ha-eun, who had suddenly stopped paying much attention to her younger brother, did not look particularly tired.

There doesn’t seem to be any stress.

My cuteness has also increased.

Healthy life itself.

… To the point where I just want to get rid of everything and compromise appropriately, just for revenge.

There is nothing grandiose enough to call it revenge in the first place.

Just… , Because the other person showed malicious intent to drown me.

She just can’t sit still.

“Anyway, Joohyuk, if you’re going to wash it too, wash it quickly. “I have to eat dinner.”

“… Let’s stay like this for a little while.”

“If you keep going like this, what is this?” “Go like this.”

“I’m saying you can relax a little by touching her thighs.”

“Pervert, really.”

… I don’t know how life ended up like this.

Of course, I’m not saying it’s bad… Because it was a bit of a spectacle.

When I debuted, I had no idea I would retire so soon.

When I retired, I had no idea I would be living such a luxurious life.

If I hadn’t been injured, I would probably still be throwing a ball hard while spraining my shoulder.

If I had just endured that one month, I would have been sold to a popular team and would have become famous, receiving both criticism and praise.

… Even though she has no complaints about her current life, except for the fact that she is in trouble.

The thought that I wanted to live that kind of life still remains.

My career as a player ended too early for me to burn off all my passion.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed.

“Oh right. “Your fans have increased these days.”

“In Yutuk?”

“No. At the gym. “I think roughly half of the members come to see you.”

“Hey, what.”

I also missed being praised by fans.

This was a desire that could not be satisfied no matter how hard they tried.

Hundreds of thousands of spectators are passionate about me, chanting my name.

It was fun to have tens of thousands of spectators booing me and then getting frustrated with one of my balls.

Even celebrities like Hinami probably don’t know the thrill of the latter.

Perhaps the reason my walls were so warped was because of that experience.

As I watched the video of batters being desperately frustrated after striking out,

I laugh at those who criticize me.

As if I gain confidence from those who cheer me.

Watching videos of me destroying and violating them,

If this gets leaked, I will definitely ridicule those who will criticize me to my heart’s content.

The feeling of superiority I feel towards those who envy me.

Because it feels more refreshing than I imagined.

… So.

The woman who tried to destroy me to this point.

I couldn’t easily forgive.

“… Hey, Joo Hyuk.”


“In the meantime… , Just in case. There’s something I didn’t ask you…”

“I don’t have parents.”


… Because she reached this position by almost doing everything on her own.

From the beginning, I didn’t even know who my dad was.

I can’t remember the last time I was abandoned by my mother, so this was the result of my efforts to survive.

I realized at a very early age that I was a very uncomfortable person, so I lived my life as best as I could without offending my uncle.

That person was definitely not a bad person, and he didn’t do anything harmful.

It must have been quite a hassle raising a child abandoned by her younger sister, whom she was not particularly close with.

She didn’t know how to treat me either, so she just gave me money and made sure I didn’t lack anything.

Thanks to that, I was able to play baseball without any problems.

“Instead, she lived with her uncle’s family.” … There were also her cousin, older sister, and older brother.”

“… “Now?”

“I haven’t had any contact since I became independent.”

Of course, unlike my uncle, my cousins ​​​​​​are similar to me, so I don’t have any particularly good memories.

I don’t have many bad memories, but… , It’s not like it doesn’t exist at all.

I haven’t seen it in a while, and I probably won’t see it again in the future.

Unless you have a grand wedding.

“… “I’m sorry for asking you something unnecessary.”

“What. Because it’s something you need to know anyway.”

“Huh… That’s right.”

There weren’t many people in this world who knew my family history.

At most, it ends with a few close seniors.

I didn’t tell my classmates or juniors because I didn’t want them to feel sympathy.

Among the women I passed by, there wasn’t one we had enough of a relationship with to talk about this in depth.

… So.

It also revealed places that I didn’t particularly want to show to women.

She was the first.

“Anyway, go wash up. “I’ll make dinner for you.”

“Just a little more.”

“… Okay.”

She was the first time I got angry at the club.

It was the first time she treated me like such a fool and harbored malicious intent.


In a slightly different world, my first experience might also have been her.

Although we never met, we were classmates.

If I had known her when I was young, she would have definitely dashed me.

Surprisingly, her her adari her her her fits well, so he may have dating her at a young age.

It’s like we’re a good match now.

It wouldn’t have been any different back then.

“… Really. “If you look at it this way, it’s just like a child, even if it’s only the same size.”

“I feel dumbfounded every time I hear something like that from you.”


“You always forget that you whine every time you wake up in the morning, right?”

“The younger you are, the more you sleep in the morning, idiot.”

“What are you saying, Jjingjingi?”

If there was such a life.

Maybe she and I could live a normal life.

I’m taking good care of my shoulder and achieving great success in free agency.

He must have lived a successful life as a player with one team’s franchise.

She might have made an equally great wife for her.


… It’s not impossible now, though.

How to Subdue a Woman You Despise

How to Subdue a Woman You Despise

경멸하는 여자를 굴복시키는 법
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A life ruined,
and how to pay her back for ruining mine.


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