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Get Me Pregnant! 215

Get Me Pregnant! 215

Chapter 215 – #214 the True Intentions of Each Empress

“Fellhound. This is Aslan.”

As I entered the study, a blond middle-aged man left his book and stood up.

Even though he has lived for thousands of years, he still reads… I couldn’t understand it with my head, but the atmosphere suited him very much.

He pointed to the tea table and asked me to come and sit here. As I sat down, an emotionless face stared at me, as always.

“It’s been a while. So what happened?”

“Did you hear the story that happened in the border area with Ice Crown?”

The Fell Hound shook his head. It doesn’t seem to be of much interest to him.

I told him exactly what I heard from Aria.

“Hmm. But to dismiss the marquis who managed the place and encourage competition… It seems the emperor was in a hurry.”

“If it turns out to be a war, Kshanberg will have to fight against the two countries in the north and east.”

“Well, I guess so. So why are you telling me that story?”

I spoke to him with a rather serious face.

“Please help me participate in the competition.”

The fell hound’s eyes stared at me calmly. He took out a cloth and wiped the monocle and opened his mouth.

“Aren’t you in charge of the education of the royal family this time? It is a very honorable job, and it is not something you can do easily, nor can you give up easily. If you try to abandon that job and do something else, the empresses will be displeased and may lead to the execution. It may be possible.”

He lightly twisted the cloth in the air and stuffed it back into his chest jacket pocket. He quietly reprimanded me, wearing a monocle over one eye.

“So, I hope you come to your senses and give up this time. Nothing happens if you’re greedy.”

“That’s right. I was about to give up, too. But in the middle of that, Felhound got caught.”

“Hmm? Me?”

I could hear the sound of Perez suppressing laughter.

I quietly said what I had thought of in advance.

“It is a feud with the Icecrown Kingdom, the loser of the northern region. The emperor will probably do his best to resolve the matter and will spare no effort.”

“I guess so.”

“The problem is that the Emperor might use Prince Freyr held hostage here.”

A change occurred on the face of the fell hound, who had maintained his senses until now. His eyes shone brightly.

“They will take Freyre to the border area and try to appease or threaten him, and if they do that, he could end up in trouble for his life. That’s what I’m worried about right now. I haven’t paid the full price to Fellhound yet.”

The fellhound that was admonishing me just a moment ago became silent.

I could see the float of the fishing rod being thrown out.

“Fellhound. Let’s go to the border area with me this time.”


“I will fully assist you in taking a closer look at Freyr’s physical condition while you are on your way there and while you are residing there.”

“Is that… Really?”

“Yes. So, Felhound, please make arrangements so that the three of us, including Freyr and I, can visit Halstenberg together.”

Demons are faithful to their desires.

I was convinced that I had felt this deeply while working with Perez. I hope he accepts my offer and clears this blocked path once and for all.

And my prediction was determined by the look in the fellhound’s eyes.

“Good. If that’s the case, of course I should help you. I guess I’ll have to settle the matter with the emperor tomorrow.”


Early in the morning, according to the emperor’s order, the royal family and subjects gathered in a huge space.

It was a meeting created to urgently discuss what happened in the border area with the Icecrown Kingdom.

Many people gathered in the spacious conference hall that happened once a year, and the meeting under the emperor’s supervision soon began.

But progress was slow. At a time when important national issues were being decided, a war of nerves other than problem-solving was taking place.

The reason was as follows.

“Your Majesty. No matter what, you are dismissing Marquis Barnos. It is too hasty a decision.”

“That’s right, Your Majesty. Why don’t you wait a little longer and then make a decision?”

The Marquis of Barnos was the marquis who commanded Halstenberg until just yesterday.

He was a person of the 1st Empress, and was a person with great power, so much so that he was called Number 3 on the 1st Empress’s side, based on the military and wealth within the territory.

But all authority to manage the territory was confiscated overnight.

Of course, there was a lot of land and money saved, but this incident put the First Empress faction in a situation where they could not avoid a major blow in the immediate battle for the throne.

And it wasn’t other powers that would miss that opportunity.

“I think Your Majesty made the right decision. Isn’t this the first time you’ve had a fight with the Icecrown side?”

“I completely agree with what you said, Vivien. I didn’t pay attention to what happened every year and didn’t give it any importance, so in the end, didn’t it end up becoming this big? I was neglecting my responsibilities and being negligent.”

“What? Have you finished talking now?”

“Your Majesty, this is not just a failure in risk management, but an incident that has brought about a crisis to the entire country. The mistake must be clearly investigated, and the property confiscated.”

“You’re talking too much! If that’s the case, who would want to be appointed to the border area?”

“Ha. Then don’t apply for this job. There are a lot of people who want to do it!”

“Count, have you finished speaking?”

“Where are you raising your voice? Where!”

This almost seems like a position to decide the throne. Fourth Empress Scarlet, who watched the people’s actions, clicked her tongue.

Because of her and her neutral forces, the meeting made at least a little progress, otherwise she would have lost this position long ago.

Scarlett quickly turned her gaze to the side. The emperor who opened this meeting was sleeping with his face resting on one of his arms.
Truly, he was the same person every time I saw him. He dozed off, but then yawned and came to his senses at the shouts of his subjects.

“… Stop. Quiet.”

People who bow their heads.

“There is no need to argue about the Marquis. He is dismissed from his position and that is the end of it.”

“Yeah, but Your Majesty…”

“Shh. If you insist further, Angelica, no matter how much you ask, I won’t stay still.”

1 The Empress chewed her lip and stepped away. In this way, it was clearly concluded that the position of Marquis was vacant.

Now all that’s left is someone to sit there.

“Whoever it is, if I go to Halstenberg and finish this matter well, I will appoint him as the lord there. It doesn’t matter if he is the lord of another place. Instead, don’t escalate the matter by fighting with each other. If that’s the problem, I will never let it go. “

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“So is this the end of the meeting?”

Anyway, the emperor decided everything… I don’t know if the expression “Meeting” Is correct, but people shook their heads.

It was the moment when the meeting was about to end.

Someone on one side raised their hand. The emperor, whose eyes were almost closed, smiled for the first time after entering the conference room.

“Ah! Kael’thas Crares. You are here too. So. What do you have to say?”

“I heard that the situation is so critical that they even took the Icecrown Prince and used him as a hand.”

“Yes. According to reports, casualties on both sides are close to a thousand.”

“So, although it is insignificant, I would like to go there to resolve this matter well, Your Majesty.”

“Kael’thas, are you talking about this? Of course, I would be greatly relieved if you would go…”

No sooner had the emperor finished speaking than his son-in-law raised his voice. The empresses protested.

“No, Your Majesty!”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea either!”

Kael’thas Crareth is clearly an outstanding person, but he is officially neutral.

It was a proposal that the 1st Empress, who had to regain her lost position, could never agree to, and it was a proposal that the 2nd Empress, who could widen the gap with the 1st Empress by eating Halstenberg, could absolutely not accept.

The same goes for the Third Empress, who can engage in a three-way battle at once by eating that territory.

“It’s been a long time since you all spoke with one voice.”

The emperor looked back at the empresses with a nervous yet interested face. Hmm. The empresses immediately adjusted their clothes and looked the other way.

Kael’thas smiled and raised both his hands.

“Ah. I can guess what you are worried about. I guess it is because they are afraid that I, who was reduced to a commoner, will gain territory again and become a noble.”

The truth was different, but the empresses agreed and said that it was so. After all, they all know that Kael’thas is speaking empty words.

“I will never take credit for this. I swear that right here. Is that okay then?”

Murmur. People who talk.

The empresses looked at each other and nodded.

“Hmm. I can’t refuse you anymore since you’ve shown your loyalty so much.”

“Your Majesty will feel at ease if Lord Kael’thas goes, so there is no choice.”

“I will not forget your dedication today.”

The three empresses, excluding the fourth empress, smiled brightly. Scarlett, who had no interest in whether he participated or what he did anyway, let out a small sigh at the sight of the three empresses.

“Then, Kael’thas Crareth. Please take care of this task.”

“Yes, Your Majesty. But I have one request regarding that.”

“What is that?”

“I would like to take Florian’s hero, Count Cranberry, with me. Could you give me permission?”

The emperor tilted his head.

“Cranberry? Cranberry Crinberry… Ah. He’s the one who was supposed to be my children’s teacher this time. But why is he? He won’t be of much help to you, right?”

“Even though he is still young, he is currently the most popular celebrity in the empire. If he goes, public sentiment will calm down to some extent and even if war breaks out, morale will be boosted, Your Majesty.”

“Hmm. That’s true from what I heard. But he is currently in charge of my children’s education. I guess it’s not up to me to make the decision alone.”

Then the emperor looked back at his wives.

He didn’t even care that Cale was an associate professor at the academy. The empresses took turns sharing their thoughts under the emperor’s gaze.

“I am against it. There are so many people, I don’t think there is any reason to send him there.”

1 Empress Angelica voiced her opposition.
Even though his relationship with his daughter was making progress, he was keeping Cale in check as she had not yet become her own person.
She thought she still had to wait a little longer.

“I agree. It’s sad that children are being robbed of their educational opportunities, but since it’s a proposal from Lord Kael’thas, it’s definitely an important and useful one.”

2nd Empress Vivien agrees. She wanted to actively support Cale’s efforts as he was currently most likely to marry Princess Hardrence.
If he succeeds in this, gains territory, and even marries a princess, hehe. The battle for the throne is probably already over.

“I feel sorry for the children, but I also agree. At a time when the country is in crisis, I feel sorry that we are holding on to talented people who can help solve the problem.”

Third Empress Victoria also approved.

Not only did she hear that Kale and Raina were so close that they mixed together every day, but she even directly confirmed her feelings for Raina through Kale.
So she thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give Cale her chance.

“Two for. One against.”

The emperor’s gaze finally turned to the Fourth Empress. The current opinion is 2:1.

Cale’s actions are concluded based on her decision. Not only her emperor, but everyone’s eyes turned to her.
4 Empress Scarlet moved her mouth thoughtfully.

“I also agree.”


With an expression of disbelief, Scarlett smiled at the 1st Empress who was looking at her and continued.

“Only when there is a country can there be a future for our children. From what I have seen, he is clearly an outstanding talent. If he goes with Lord Kael’thas, he will finish this job well and come back.”

“… I see.”

Of course, the reason she accepted this offer was completely different.

‘No. I can’t hold on any longer!’

They come on every day except the days when they go to the Third Empress’s palace and have sex non-stop from night to dawn. The climax of doing it more than 100 times every day was truly to die for.

Even on days when my daughters’ education coincided, I had to go there over 200 times.

‘I reached the top with a sword and died while having sex… That should never happen!’

It was Empress Scarlet who needed some rest.

Well, it’s a bonus to give taffy to the first empress.

“Then, let us accept the ladies’ decision and allow Count Cranberry to go to Halstenberg.”

Scarlett smiled brightly. She felt her congestion go away.

Get Me Pregnant!

Get Me Pregnant!

임신 해줘!
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Falsely accused.
The death penalty.
So I said.
"The emperor is a fucking asshole, don't live like that."


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