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Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger 19

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger 19

Chapter 19 – Level Up (1)

As soon as I opened the app, the first thing I had to do was to check the total amount of Awakening Points I had collected so far.

I need to figure out exactly how many points I currently have so that I can decide which skills to open or not.

After having sex with Kang Hye-eun the night before yesterday, the remaining points after unlocking level 3 of swordsmanship were 10 points.

180 points from the first sex you had with Cha Yu-ri at the tomb of Gomok.

And the points obtained from the second sex at the hotel on the same day were 65 points.

Looking at the total, it was normal to have at least 255 awakening points left. It actually turned out that way.

『Skill unlock 〉〉

Point Shop (NEW!) 〉〉

Achievement Achievement (NEW!) 〉〉

Current Sexual Desire Management Hunter Roster (NEW!) 〉〉

Find Nearby Hunters 〉〉

Remaining Awakening Points: 255』

Points once earned do not have an expiration date. The 10 points that were left over from the last time also remained intact without any loss.

Including the amount of newly acquired points, the number of points secured now is 255 points.

Of course, this is only the minimum points currently obtained.

Looking at the new notification mark in the achievement achievement menu, it was highly likely that the initial achievement achievement reward was additionally unlocked.

『Sex in the dungeon +50

Ejaculation in two different positions +50

Also as expected

It was still an achievement reward with unknown intentions, but since it was a free point, of course I received both rewards in bulk.

Having sex in the dungeon would of course mean the first experience with Cha Yu-ri.

The two different positions are probably referring to the act in which she made me ejaculate on top in the hotel.

It was me who created the situation that led to sex, but in reality, both achievements were as if Cha Yu-ri had accomplished them for me.

The emergency task reward wasn’t enough, so I thought I’d give you an additional reward like this.

She thanked her in her heart for her 100 points she had made for herself.

Saying that Cha Yu-ri was annoying, she quickly took off her clothes and had sex in the dungeon. And she said that she would ejaculate me from above and moved her waist hard from above.

All of her efforts were replaced by my awakening points.

Always be grateful Yuri.

“Come to think of it, what was added to the repeatable achievement?”

Recalling that 5 bonus points from an unknown source came in from her first sex with Cha Yu-ri. Immediately, the newly unlocked repeat achievements were checked.

Repeated achievements seem to be calculated over and over every time you have sex.

Once he knew it, he might be able to use it not only in sex with Cha Yu-ri, but also in relationships with Kang Hye-eun and others.

With that thought in mind, I flipped through the smartphone page to the repeat achievement count screen.

I could immediately see that one of the repeatable achievements marked with ? Had been newly unlocked.

『Bachelor Graduation Bonus +10 (Achieved 2 times)

Creampie Bonus +20 (Achieve 4 times)

Simultaneous Climax Bonus +20 (Achieve 4 times)

Continuous Ejaculation Bonus +5 (Achieved 1 time)

Psychological Healing Bonus +10 (Achieved 2 times)』

Was the bonus you received a psychological healing bonus?

She probably came back as a bonus when she said that she was pretty and hugged Cha Yu-ri, who was not confident about her height or body.

At a cursory glance, most of these repeated achievements seem to be closely related to pleasing women.

As before, if I just had sex thinking about what the other woman would satisfy me according to my instincts, these small rewards would come back to my awakening point in the future.

Let’s do it like now, just like now.

After exiting the achievement achievement menu, I was worried about going straight to the skill unlock menu.

First of all, I visited the point shop, which is a new menu.

Raise your swordsmanship to level 4. Or by unlocking other skills and leveling them up to level 3.

In any case, there would be 55 points left in hand. I felt like I could buy something useful with this.

A greatsword that is better than the one I am currently using, or preparing staff in preparation for unlocking fire magic skills.

In the point shop I entered with that thought, weapons that actually looked pretty good were being sold at 7 or 80 points.

Looking around at those things moderately, I fell into a bit of trouble.

If I spent 7 or 80 points halfway to buy a greatsword or staff, I would run out of points when raising the skill level.

Someday, I might be able to purchase the next step, but I thought it was a bit unfortunate to buy it now.

Above all, I didn’t want to use the awakening points to get things that could be obtained if I saved enough money in real life.

If I had money, I could get something like a mithril greatsword or an oak staff.

Awakening points are things that cannot be bought with money anyway.

It may be easier to earn points than earn money right now, but there was definitely a limit to the amount of points I could earn in my lifetime.

Considering those things, investing points in weapons was not a very wise decision.

The moment I tried to close the point shop and return to the menu screen, leaving behind a little bit of regret.

One particular product that appeared in front of me caught my attention.

『(Bound item) Subspace Pouch: You can store up to 200 of 100 items.

Price: 50 points (currently 50% off)』

It’s a subspace pouch that can store up to 200 items of 100 kinds.

It was one of the most necessary items for me, who thought I should get a pouch made of monster materials.

The monster materials obtained in the dungeon were compressed into a small volume and weight, and the monster material pouches used among hunters today.

As it is the crystallization of modern science and technology, of course it was never something worth a penny or two.

Moreover, reading the description of the sub-space bag on the screen, it doesn’t only mean storage limited to monster materials like the existing monster material bags.

The monster material pouch, which could hold up to 200 of 100 items, was also an item of absurd efficiency that I had never heard of before.

Of course, what seduced me the most was the price of 50 points and the phrase behind it.

‘Currently on 50% off’

Time deal always has the magic to make people flutter.

When I came to my senses, my Awakening Points had decreased to 305 points.

『If you want to use the subspace bag, please think of using the subspace bag in your head.

When storing, put the items in the space of the subspace pocket, and when taking out, remember the stored items in your mind.

If you can’t remember what you’ve stored or want to take out all the contents, you can empty all the subspace pockets by using the Empty Pocket.

Finally, after checking how to use the delivered system. I immediately thought of subspace pockets in my head.

“Oh oh….”

It’s a while to be amazed at the mysterious crack that seems to have suddenly split the space.

After putting whatever pen or eraser you can get your hands on into the cracks. I recalled the items in my head and brought them back to my hand to repeat the performance test.

Finally, when I saw that it worked properly until I emptied my pockets, a satisfied smile appeared on my lips.

“At this level, I bought it really cheap.”

Probably, if you want to imitate something similar to this in reality, it was an item with a value of a billion units.

I said that if you bought it with enough points that you could get by having sex just once.

Finally, I opened the subspace pouch and stored the greatsword that had been with me for many years.

After confirming that even weapons are properly stored and taken out. I closed the subspace pouch with the bayonet still inside.

Now I don’t have to bother carrying this heavy greatsword behind my back every time. Even if you suddenly start a battle, you can take out the greatsword from the subspace pocket right away, so I think it will be much more efficient.

After completing the functional test of the subspace pouch for a long time, I immediately moved to the skill unlock menu.

Without delay, he immediately raised his swordsmanship to level 4.

『Swordsmanship lv. 4 : 0/400』

To be honest, it’s not that I didn’t like the recovery skill. Still, swordsmanship comes first.

Most of all, you never know when or if you’ll get 300 points at once.

At level 3, he showed an efficiency halfway between that of a C-class and B-rank hunter, so at level 4, he would show the ability of a B-rank hunter.

It was much more advantageous to become a specialist than to take many different skills to raise the Hunter rank.

First of all, I made a level 4 swordsmanship with the idea of ​​raising my skills to level B.

I must have raised my skill level and acquired a subspace pocket. You may think that you have finished what you have to do today.

In fact, there was only one last element left to check in the Hunter Sexual Desire Manager app.

『Current sexual desire management hunter list (NEW!) 〉〉』

I had never opened this menu, which had two flashing alarms on the main screen, until now.

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger

여헌터를 따먹으면 주인공이 강해짐
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
『I have been appointed as the hunter's libido manager.』The only male awakener in a world where men cannot be awakened.The ability I awakened was to eat female hunters and become stronger.


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