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Eat the World Tree 874

Eat the World Tree 874

Chapter 874 – Tower of Deep Dreams (13)

A handful of peach blossoms, drenched in silence, gracefully swirl around the stream.

‘Here is…’

It is a garden. A place that has collapsed once and cannot be restored.

Hongyeon opened her eyes in the small river that she had taken care of with her father as if he had picked her up. She lifted her eyelids and opened her eyes in the waterfall.


Voluptuous buttocks with autumn leaves clinging to them, plain clothes that are transparent when exposed to water.

Yeon held on to the sword that was attached to his waist, and as he looked back on the past, he became aware of a single wave in the still air.


Someone is here.

Hongyeon’s curved body twisted to avoid the sudden wave.

The black magic energy that narrowly missed hit the nail and set the surrounding area on fire. Hongyeon’s slim waist burned black from that unusual destructive power.


A place of memories. A familiar trait of magic.

Hongyeon, not paying attention to the pain of the flames that had spread to her solar plexus, chewed her lips and looked up at the waterfall with wide eyes.

The face of an old man with the sun on his head was there.

“… !”

“Your skills are very rusty. “You bitch.”



The Heavenly Demon of wounded fighting spirit scratched the back of his neck with embarrassed eyes and yawned.

To be honest, I really don’t like the idea of ​​influencing the minds of the living when I am already a vengeful spirit wandering the underworld.

The growth of the child who was looked after was quite worthy of watching despite this.

“Have you met Cheondo-go?”


“Can’t you hear? Well, it’s not a problem for the dead to solve. “Let’s play with each other in this world.”

Compared to when he faced Lee Si-heon, black magic energy, which was far inferior, flowed down the old man’s arms.

“If you were the leader of a demonic cult, you would have trained yourself that much, right? If you react as late as you did just now, you won’t even be able to see that bastard’s face. “Yuna.”


The maple leaves rising above the valley gathered together to form five swords, floating in the air as if they were moving consciously even without being held in hand.

Igigeeo swordsmanship.

This alone would be enough to call it a first-class powerhouse, but in today’s era of changing times, it is not enough to be called the best.


“… “

Nevertheless, only Hongyeon can properly use this unique sword technique.

For Hong Yeon, who had fully developed his talents as a commander, the countless swordsmen who could move at will were no different from well-trained soldiers.

Punching the square.

The ‘majority’ who forms a formation blocking the route of retreat subdues the ‘individual’.


Hongyeon thought briefly in her mind, and her mouth drew a small arc.

I don’t know if it was a dream or reality, but it really felt like we were sparring in person like back in the day.


The tip of the sword trembles. The autumn leaves were blowing, and the sword was placed in the wind.

In Hongyeon’s field of vision, she could see the entire flow of space divided by a grid, and she began to draw various pictures in her head, as if she were playing a game of tightening control over the enemy.

The old man’s body gradually tilts from the rock above the waterfall. Then crashed. Collision while accelerating.


The magical energy of the two people jumped like a fish in water.

* * * * * * *

If Yeon and the old man were water fish and fish, this place was where the cruel and ruthless slaughter of the dragon and tiger was taking place.


Wiki’s body flashed like an afterimage even in the irregular changes in entropin caused by the gap in the collapsed dimension and the space that had begun to become distorted.

“If you destroy the dimension, I…”


Blinking, also known as the pinnacle of space magic.

The reason Shiva collided with Wiki with supernatural power and broke the dimension was also to suppress her younger brother’s spatial magic.

If external pressure continues from the destroyed dimension, the amount of information changes infinitely.

Because the variables and unknowns that need to be determined change constantly, it becomes a place no different from a tomb for a wizard who utilizes space magic to make use of mobility.

And Wiki rushed to that place.

“… Do you think you can’t do it!?”


As the magical power sparkled like a firefly, Wiki’s body disappeared.


Just as a meteor shower in the sky bathes the dawn, Wiki’s body fluttered like a shooting star and disappeared.

Wicky, who played with Shiba’s vision, fired in all four directions and gathered his magic power until his sister found an opening.

‘… It’s annoying.’

Shiva, who was no stranger to magic, did not understand that miracle.

‘What kind of magic is this? ‘I can’t see any movement at all.’

Even if the person who saw that scene was a part-timer or Lee Si-heon, or even just a professor at Magic Tower, their mouth would have opened wide in shock, and they would not have been able to close it.

Combat use of blinking.

There is only one person on record who manages this effectively.

Hwangdo, the pinnacle of battle mages who fight in close combat with magic, and dared to be praised as the best among wizards based on his one-on-one combat power alone.

Wiki has such a genius mana interpretation and calculation ability that even that peach girl looks funny.

‘I can kill you now.’

Is that all there is?

In the world of magic, it is not just about making quick calculations.

Regardless of accuracy or efficiency, the inner meaning of the above words is. This means that when learning the magic of a certain school, each and every detail of talent and skill required is very important.

Pure physical strength, mental endurance, body vision, spatial perception, quick reflexes, and even judgment to distinguish information.

In addition, if even one of the dozens of additional abilities required was lacking, Wiki’s body might have burst like a balloon.


That thing was nothing short of a miracle.

There is no delay before or after, no cooldown, and it is used excessively just to deceive the eye.

A ray of light appeared in Wiki’s hand, which disappeared three times a second, and a holy spear grew.


Should I aim for your back?

Wiki reached behind Shiva and stretched out his spear. Changbit’s insensitive eyes chased away Wiki’s presence like a ghost.

It is a reaction more monstrous than an animal. Shiva’s talent was blooming just like Wiki’s talent.

Wiki became impatient and used blinking again. After moving to the front of Shiva, he attempted to plunge his spear into his neck.

“Daddy is mine!!!!!!!”

Just before Shiva’s vision was pierced as he turned his head.

Wiki’s calculation, which determined that he had definitely killed him, was limited to imagination, and the thread of fate that curved and protruded from Shiva’s body blocked the tip of Wiki’s spear.


Afterward, Shiva’s hand grabbed Wiki’s holy spear.


The blade of the spear tore his palm, and a thick stream of blood flowed out, but Shiva, who pulled the spear out regardless, raised his fist towards Wiki in the air.

You can’t get beaten up like that here.

I tried to escape using magic, but the damn thread was blocking me, suppressing Wiki’s awareness. Shiva’s fist, which broke the broken magic circle, hit Wiki between the eyes.

‘What on earth is this power-‘

The power wielded by Shiva. It’s hard to even figure out what kind of power it is. Are you trying to violate the law?

Wiki’s hand tapped the air. A hastily formed magic circle made iron needles shoot out from the bottom of Shiva.


Shiva is swept away by magic.

Wiki gets punched and is pushed to the end of the dimension along with a sonic boom.

-Kwagak, boom! Kwadang Tang!

His face and head were crushed in pain, but Wiki, who recovered his body in an instant, opened his eyes and looked towards where Shiva was.

“Chuuuuun have been2xe.”

It had a taste. There was a clear sense that remnants of magical power were piercing through Shiva’s body.

Shiva’s body, standing in the distance, was skewered by needles.

The instep, forearm, wrist, and uvula tried their best to avoid it, but instead of struggling, Shiba, who had turned into a hedgehog, glared at Wiki with blurry eyes, probably because of the handshake.


It kills for sure.

See the end here. It’s better to be forgiven. My father would forgive me unconditionally.

Just when Wiki, whose head was feverish, was trying to conjure magic.

“… Ah.”

Because of a single moment of hesitation and the front-line resistance to killing one’s family, the magic of the wiki crumbled into dust and disappeared.

-Chuduk, kudu!

After cutting off all the needles and spitting out regenerative energy, tree bark grew from Shiva’s body, floating in the shape of a tree-shaped pajama.

Also… I’m getting stronger again without knowing.

Shiva’s face, reflected in Wiki’s eyes, was cold.

“Why, what’s the problem?”

Shiva healed the bent joints and restored the twisted limbs.

The hem of her hood swayed in the wind, and her appearance looked exactly like the young Shiba that her father had shown her.

“Ah, pa.”

A voice calling for her pity flowed from the mouth of Shiva, who had lost her emotions and went wild.

What do you want to say?

I like my dad too?

If you were going to say something like that, you shouldn’t have betrayed me in the first place.


Wiki woke up again and drew his magic circle that would fill the sky.

“Don’t be funny.”


“You already ran away. It’s right for me to have it all to myself.”

A word from Shiva that breaks Wiki’s pain.

“King, righteousness… “Child, you must be punished.”


A foreign voice that did not seem at all like her existing personality stuck in Wiki’s ears.

Without even having time to interpret what it means.

The huge sword several meters in diameter held in Shiva’s hand was displaying its sword power with the intention of cutting off Wiki’s body.

-Quad deud deuk!

A shock that seemed to split the sky, pushing away the giant sea.

The dimensional space that had barely maintained its shape was torn apart like cardboard along with the magic circle scattered by Wiki.

* * * * * * *

It might catch Master’s ankle.

However, I couldn’t let go of my love, and I always had a desire to stick around, so I ended up stubborn even though I shouldn’t have done it.

“… “Master?”

An ebony holding a black sword made of black mistletoe called its name in an anxious voice from atop a huge ship.

‘They said everyone might disperse. Really. Where am I?’

It was a place that felt somewhat familiar, but Ebony, who had shaken off the past, felt no emotion whatsoever.

A large cargo ship flowing on large waves.

Ebony, who was standing on a ship so large that he couldn’t see the other side, sensed a vaguely unpleasant energy, and then began climbing onto the stacked containers.

‘If there are trials.’

It was right to break it and prove it to help Master.

It’s natural to do well… If you show cuteness well, they might praise you.

Ebony, determined with a cute heart and kind eyes, unleashed her magical power on top of the container to understand the surrounding environment, and as if in response, a strange magical power emitted from the other side pricked her febu.

‘… ?’

I can feel the presence of people from afar.

Ebony, who had used the sword wave in advance, raised his alertness with all his might, and then the other party, who discovered Ebony’s magic power, began to climb up the container.

There are two signs felt in the distance.

One of them was weak and looked like it was about to die.

It seemed as if two strangers were fighting and one took the life of the other, meaning that there was a high possibility that the person they encountered was their enemy.

Ebony held his breath and raised his magic power as he waited for the approaching opponent.

As black magic rains down, the face of the sword is stained with darkness, just before unleashing destructive power.

A white shadow suddenly appeared and stopped as soon as it caught sight of ebony.

“… !”


Jeong Si-woo. Ebony’s former family member, her widowed and separated brother.

“Sia. “Sia Jeong.”

Jeong Si-woo, who had become gaunt since their reunion, opened his mouth, and Ebonyeon’s name came out as if he was chewing hard.

It was an uncomfortable reunion between siblings.

Eat the World Tree

Eat the World Tree

세계수를 따먹다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
I came to this world after eating the world tree.


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