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Apocalypse Shelter Manager 9

Apocalypse Shelter Manager 9

Chapter 9 – Rose

The guard robot’s torn mouth came right in front of me, but the firing was faster.


A spark flew on his shoulder, and I only flinched for a moment, but it came right back at me.


I grabbed my neck with bloody hands, but thanks to the reinforced guard, I was able to avoid tearing the uvula. But in an instant, a groaning sound was heard.

When the security robot failed to inflict a fatal wound with its first attack, it threw me away.


I got up right away after hitting the fall, but he had already reached me.



He was kicked and fell backwards.

Shit. If the first attack is taken away by a surprise attack by a nimble enemy, there is no choice but to keep swinging. Thanks to the riot gear, he avoids being fatally wounded, but he can’t hold out forever.


I rolled to the side without even a chance to turn around, and my foot was stuck in the place where I was.

“Awesome profit!”

The moment I lifted my foot again, I kicked the opposite ankle with all my might.


Even as he lost his position and fell, he reached out his right hand and grabbed my neck. The neck brace tightened even more, tightening his neck.

The mechanical security robot’s eyes didn’t contain any emotion, but it was deeply imbued with human tenacity.


He slapped his chin with the heel of his walker shoes and freed his grip on his neck.


A killing punch from a guard robot in a mounted stance.


The marble floor where my head was a moment ago was smashed. The protruding fragments flowed into the throat, creating an unpleasant sensation.


After narrowly avoiding the second punch, the shotgun fires immediately.

I aimed at the neck of the security robot. But his reaction was all flinching.


In the second room, the period of flinching was longer.


The third room entered properly.

Push profit.

Where I was focused. The oil press and cables that ran down his head, through his neck, and down his shoulders were ripped apart by the ultra-short range fire, and his posture collapsed.


As he kicked it, the guard robot went limp and fell.

[It was a wise decision.]

“Whoa… If I shoot that piece of metal with a shotgun, will it only give me more damage?”

I had only shed a few drops of sweat on the way from opening the front door in the upper area, and my entire body was drenched in sweat from this one-minute fight.

“If it were Major Kim, would you have easily subdued him?”

[Major Kim?]

She knows almost everything about my profile, career, and her life so far, but not even the people around me.

“My motivation in my military days. I led one of the facility capture companies, and he led the other. He’s been given a hardening implant, so he always scored points in training.”

[I guess it was the material of a rich house?]

Every little procedure comes out with billions of sounds.

“I am the son of a general’s family for generations. If he had lived a few more years, he would have been my boss?”

[Why did you die?]

“Training is a battle of specs, but actual combat is a battle of coolness and judgment. I knew how to survive, but he didn’t. He wasn’t really the type to be a commander.”

He was a guy whose promotion was guaranteed enough even if he didn’t have to roll in actual combat, but he wasn’t satisfied with that either. He wanted a quicker route.

The past that had never failed so far, the sense of superiority from his own ‘performance’ amplified his greed, and died in vain in his second actual battle.

“Awesome profit. Gi-ik.”

The security robot was struggling on the floor, and the commands given from its head were not transmitted to its limbs.

[For some reason, the damage to the software is so bad that there is no room left for my commands.]

He closed the shotgun and drew out an axe.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As soon as the oil pressure and cables that had not been cut were finished, the guy’s movement completely stopped. He only moves his eyes wildly.

[Wait a minute, there’s something strange. Open the robot’s mouth.]



The guard robot’s mouth, reminiscent of a woman with a torn mouth in a ghost story, was still ugly. In addition, the eyeball right above it is spinning like crazy, so it’s even more reluctant.

“I don’t want to touch it with my hands.”

The walker avatar stepped on his lower jaw and pushed his axe hilt open, opening his mouth.


On the roof of the guard robot’s mouth, there was a bizarre creature I had never seen before.


Reflexively, he drew his shotgun and aimed it.

[Already dead.]

The shoulder cam changed to lantern mode and illuminated the guard robot’s mouth.

[It has been dry for a long time.]

As he said, when I touched it with the ax handle, I saw that the surface was broken little by little. He seemed to have been dead for a long time.

It looked like an octopus, but only had 5 legs. However, instead of suckers, there are a lot of hooks attached to it, so if it gets stuck somewhere, you won’t be able to easily remove it.

“Should I use the hacking tool again? I think I can do something to look at the records of what happened.”


As the blue light dug into the head of the security robot, the eyes that had been shaking like crazy became quiet. After a while, she heard a groan.

[Aha, that’s how it happened.]

“Please explain.”

[That creature is also a type of infection. However, it is an object that has evolved to be able to combine with machines.]

A video was sent to my PDA.

[I’ll regenerate part of the robot’s memory.]

The video from the security robot’s point of view was playing on the PDA. It must have been the early stages of the infection, and I could see people running away screaming everywhere.

Something happened when I found a man convulsing on the floor. Rescue protocols kicked in and I knelt in front of him.

[I’m rescuing you. Calm down.]

He turned the man over with a heavy machine voice.

[Sah, save me! Please… Save me.]

The man’s complexion was the worst, but there were no obvious traumas. After shouting a few words to save him, he soon lost consciousness, and the message “Heartbeat stopped” Appeared on the screen of the security robot.

[CPR activated.]

The security robot’s hands were directed to the man’s chest, and a rescue report was displayed at the bottom of the screen, but no one answered the phone.

After compressing his chest several times, the man’s body shuddered and an octopus-like infected object protruded from his open mouth.

After that, the situation ended in an instant. The video ends as the guard robot burrows into his mouth before he has time to react.

“So you’re saying the machine is infected?”

[Looking at the logs left in memory, the mechanism is close to hacking. In other words, it has terminals and cables composed of organic tissue.]

“But why did this guy die?”

He tapped the octopus-like creature with the ax handle and said,

[There is a saying that if you look into the abyss, the abyss will also look into you, right?]

Nietzsche’s quote

[Being able to access the machine means, in other words, that the infected’s brain can also be affected. It’s kind of like a two-way street.]


[I don’t know if it’s an ordinary machine, but the security robot is definitely for security. So there is a firewall against inappropriate access. At the same time as the infestation tried to hack, the counter program came in, overloading the infestation’s brain. He’s in some kind of brain dead state. In this way, the infected body died, but the security robot also suffered serious damage and ran out of control. After that, it’s just as we went through.]

It was a story that left me speechless, but there were also questions.

“It’s an entity that has evolved to target machines, isn’t it a little lax to think of both sides like this?”

[Isn’t that what evolution is? It changes only when you always taste the bitterness. Not just once or twice, but many times. I am the only one who can evolve while looking into the future on my own without failing.]

From her point of view, this infection was just a bit of interest and a counterexample to confirm her pride in herself.

[Maybe I was embarrassed by a completely different kind of mechanism from the machines I’ve dealt with so far.]

“What about machines you’ve been dealing with so far?”

Artemis didn’t answer, but the spaceship that was already docked in Mars orbit came to mind. Perhaps she thought the same thing.

[Well, it’s too vague a subject for now. Okay, let’s stop this case here and focus on more important things for now. As long as it’s research, I can do it as much as I want after everything is back to normal.]

Her voice when she said ‘research’ sounded excited.

It’s been easy since. Time to relax by manipulating the platform to call a streetcar and riding it. In the middle, I heard the sound of hitting something, but I ignored it.

But seeing the PDA, I couldn’t just ignore it.

“Ha, are you kidding me?”


The infectious agent kill count recorded on the PDA had changed. She also counted the infected hit by the streetcar. Laughter came out.

“It was a pretty good joke.”

[It’s not meant to be funny. Even if it seems meaningless, the record is important.]


The PDA’s count changed again.

“Oh, and there is one thing to be thankful for.”

He took out the protection that was attached to her neck and lifted it up. It was severely distorted from the fight with the guard robot, and now it was somewhat obstructing breathing.

“Thanks for saving her life. If it wasn’t for your advice, she might have died in a fight earlier.”

[I didn’t really need it against the infected, though.]

After placing the protector on the floor, I put the side of the fire ax on it and kicked it a few times with my foot, and the severely bent part straightened out a little. I hit it with an ax handle, adjusted it a little more, and attached it to my neck.

The short break thus obtained ended when the streetcar arrived at its destination.

“It’s quiet here.”

There were no infectants on this platform. Even looking at the PDA while going up the non-functioning escalator, only a small number of confirmed infections were able to avoid them.

At that moment, the weak voice of the PDA was heard. It was a communication from outside.


At first, there was only noise.


Gradually became clear.

[Listen… -Chijik- Is it? We are now resetting the frequency there -chik-.]

It was the voice of a young woman.

Unlike Artemis’ voice full of confidence and grace, her voice is cold and dry, but with restrained intelligence.

“I can hear you.”

For prayer secret, the conversation continued after switching from PDA reception to ear-worn communication device.

“I never thought there would be survivors.”

There was a hint of joy in my voice.

[I am not a survivor.]


What are you talking about? Even though I’m communicating like this now, I’m not a survivor.

[My name is Rose. Shelter security management artificial intelligence. We need your help to calm this situation.]

Artemis and I looked at each other. Well, to be precise, the shoulder cam.

Apocalypse Shelter Manager

Apocalypse Shelter Manager

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The world is ruinedI am the only remaining resident.However, the world's best artificial intelligence is with me.


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