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Apocalypse Shelter Manager 3

Apocalypse Shelter Manager 3

Chapter 3 – Weapon Check


The bolt moves smoothly to complete loading,


When the trigger was pulled, the trigger hit the empty chamber, making a heavy grating noise.

The riot control shotgun from the security room was old but in excellent condition.

This is because it is brand new and has never been used, and oil was applied to the main parts when shipped.

Next is the shooting stance.

It wasn’t as good as the official weapon that I was used to as an officer, but it was stably held between the chest muscle and cheek.

“It’s fine.”


I just became a mannequin.

[Move right leg back 20 cm, muzzle down at 15 degree angle.]

I changed her posture as she told me to.

A former veteran officer who had been put into combat many times suddenly became like a recruit, but is there anything special?

She is artemis

[Ignore the shooting manual that came with the gun. Considering your body shape and eye shape, that posture can secure the highest accuracy rate.]

She took her advice and pulled out her ammunition box. Among the ammunition boxes piled up on one side of the wall, the second from the right, the bottommost one.

When I opened the lid, all I could see were white grains and salt bullets in a transparent cartridge case.

This shotgun is an object to prepare for a resident riot that may happen during a closed life, not for war.

This is Korea. The country with the strictest gun control even when the world is going to the end.

Times have changed and control over projectiles has been loosened considerably, but live ammunition weapons are still strictly prohibited.

In the end, they had no choice but to be content with having non-lethal weapons by type.

The sentry guns installed in the shelter are all of the specifications of private security companies loaded with rubber bullets.

Had they been live-loaded military specifications, they might not have dedicated entire shelters to those infected.

“Of course, there are exceptions everywhere.”

When the salt coals at the top were removed, the jade-colored warheads emitted light and revealed their presence.

[I was taking care of a criminal? Smuggling live ammunition from Korea.]

Step by step, she said to me.

“It’s a law to have at least one last-minute insurance.”

Looking back on the extreme confusion right before the world was destroyed, wouldn’t it be possible to put your mind at ease if you take care of these things?

In the end, it was a good thing. Salt bullets won’t work against the infected roaming down there.

The next thing I picked up was a grenade net launcher, which is a non-lethal weapon, but can be more useful than a shotgun in some situations.

In an attempt to have an effective capture force while entering the grenade, a thin and strong carbon fiber net was used, and because of this, it was a model that caused controversy over stability.

Was there ever a case where the ears or fingers of a mob captured by this were cut off? It is a model that is banned from sale in Korea, but there is a way to get all of them.

After taking flash grenades and tear gas, the weapon I picked up was a titanium fire axe.

I’d like to avoid close combat with the Infected, but I don’t have enough shotgun ammo, and there will be many moments where I have to deal with enemies silently.

I took out the riot gear from the cabinet. Although it has almost no bulletproof function, it is more suitable against infectious agents because it has excellent sword-proofing and chemical resistance and is a non-combustible material.

[Take this.]

The serving robot brought a small sonar sensor for mining.

[If it sounds suspicious, don’t miss it. It will help locate the infected.]

“How do I use this?”

[You just need to wear it on your body. I will take care of it and warn you whenever necessary.]

“Thank you, can I ask you one more thing?”


Instead of answering, I poured out three shoulder cams on the table and picked them up one by one.

One on the left and right shoulder. For the front and rear borders, respectively. Attach the other to the helmet, facing up.

“Even if my eyes couldn’t see, wouldn’t you be able to see all the flies without missing a single one?”

[Of course.]

Finally, all preparations were completed by attaching the military knife to the leg.

The sight of him carrying a shotgun with a net launcher slung across his side, a fire ax across his back, and throwing weapons clustered across his chest looked somehow surreal.

It looked like a PMC mercenary heading to the battlefield, and on the other hand, it looked like a cosplayer obsessed with games or a looter at the end of the century.

“How do I look?”

[Currently, this is the best armed combination.]

It’s not like I’m going into an all-out war with them. The terrain here is crisp and there is also Artemis’ support.

In the first place, emergency containment protocols were implemented in the early stages of infection, and layer by layer was sealed, so things are better than the outside world, which is a living hell.

The cabinet in the security room was packed with scraps of articles that had been scrapped.

Weekly magazine in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do 〈 Morning of Sosabeol 〉 Front page article

‘The corpses are roaming around!’

(The attached photo shows a man with bizarre tumors growing all over his body, and a policeman firing blank rounds at the top of his head.)

〈 Korean Solidarity Newsletter 〉

Armistice Line, engagement breaks out with 5 divisions of the North Korean Army who are deserting in large numbers

‘It’s not about kicking in. Please don’t shoot me!’

A pleading communication from the North Korean general was ignored.
Defense Commander, ordered a full-fire bombardment.

〈Seoul National University School Board 〉

Army, defeated!
Chain of command collapse!

Conscripted students,
Abandoned and waiting at the university, swallowed by waves of monsters

(In the attached photo, a Bradley infantry fighting vehicle torn to shreds and dozens of abandoned two-and-a-half trucks are strewn about against a burning university backdrop.)

〈Graffiti written on the wall of the city hall building used as a military base after the mobilization order was declared〉

Those aren’t zombies
Not infected even if bitten
Stop the slaughter

〈 Graffiti written underneath 〉

Shut up
A man covered in monster vomit
After a few days he said he saw it change like a sea anemone

〈Graffiti written on the opposite wall〉

Burn it all down

〈 Korea Ilbo 〉 Front page article

U.S. Forces withdraw from the Korean Peninsula

Tens of thousands of refugees jump into the sea in pursuit of an aircraft carrier.
(In the photo attached to the article, a woman with her entire body submerged in seawater with only her two hands outstretched holding a baby above the surface of the water.)

〈 Integrated News 〉 Front Page Article

They breathe too!

President approves unlimited chemical operations.
Instruct all citizens to evacuate to underground and air-raid shelters.
However, the gas mask cartridge supplied to the reserve forces is only 4 hours long.

Each article was like a bomb that could not be easily passed over, and there was useful information in dealing with the infected.

[Working for me is the greatest reward in itself, but I will add one more motivation for you.]

The video was sent to my PDA.

[Infectious organisms are, after all, only one organism, and tracking the mechanism by which they infect other organisms can conversely weaponize their weaknesses.]

The PDA was illuminating the production plants below.

[Once we get control of the entire Shelter, we will start research to wipe out those disgusting infections.]

Places where workers would have worked hard to create, assemble, and synthesize things normally.

“It’s a nice story to hear.”

[I can tolerate the filth you excrete, even if it’s unpleasant, but what they spread is vomit. It’s a figurative meaning. Because I’m not a primitive being like you who discharges filth.]

“This is a sad story.”

[Do you need a combat stabilizer?]

It is a drug that, when taken, blocks some pathways in the brain, making it impossible to experience some emotions, especially fear.

There are some side effects, but they are tolerable and there are many records that significantly raised the survivability of new recruits in the first combat.

Thanks to this, there are many controversies, but the production itself continues.

“No, I’m not a kid, and I don’t need any of that,”

I held the shotgun in both hands.

“Even if they’re monsters that could have crawled out of Hell.”

Twisted, swollen, hard, sharp abominations.

“Could it be more scary than people?”

Even so, it would not be more terrifying than the humans encountered on the battlefield.

There, it showers 2,000 strings of lead that makes even the weakest of them sing wherever they hit it.

How about the sight of dozens of soldiers being shattered in one shot and shuffling like mix nuts? Then there is no choice but to have a joint funeral.

Even if there was a monster down there spitting acid, would it be worse than a man spraying chemical bombs at a sheltered building?

“Is not it?”

[Courage is virtual, but don’t be careless. Your poor hands and feet are my only tools, and the moment you die, this place will no longer be a temple. It will become a cold pyramid.]

For her, this is her generous compliment.

[Questions about the course of action?]

“Extremely perfect. Even if it were me, I would have thought of that route.”

[As I said before, don’t keep only one path in mind. Depending on the situation, I will block the access of the infected by blocking or opening the entrance near you. You will have to change your movement strategy accordingly. Simulate an alternate route from your current location to your destination at every moment.]

“No problem. Even if it’s not as good as you, it’s a quick thread here.”

[Of course, there should be no problem. You are the system administrator here.]

“Then you?”

[The owner.]


I picked up my shotgun and patted him on the back of the neck as I walked away.

Heading towards the front gate of the VIP residence area in the upper area, which has been firmly sealed off since the infection.

Apocalypse Shelter Manager

Apocalypse Shelter Manager

아포칼립스 셸터 관리자
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The world is ruinedI am the only remaining resident.However, the world's best artificial intelligence is with me.


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