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Apocalypse Shelter Manager 18

Apocalypse Shelter Manager 18

Chapter 18 – Home

Quite a bit of time has passed since the choking operation.

Nothing moves in the streets now.

The mutants have long since died, and no humanoid infectors can be seen standing. Most of them do not have the stamina to stand and sit down.

There are many who went into hibernation, but that’s like volunteering to become jerky yourself. It’s not like you don’t have to breathe at all, so you’ll just dry up.

“I need to get ready to go upstairs. I miss warm baths and bedrooms.”

Uncomfortable sleep in the duty room is also a day or two.

I missed my own space, my own comfortable bedroom, and the park where the scent of nature was alive.

Artemis, whether she knew my feelings or not, was reviewing dogs that had completed their final training.


Now, the Shepards, who have been quite disciplined, line up in front of Artemis.

[It was hard to come this far, you stupid mammals.]

“Kong! Kung!”

[Who said it was okay to wag your tail? Do you still not understand the meaning of attention? The clumsy instructor who taught you would have been satisfied with 80%, but I want 100%.]

“Kong! Kung!”

The Shepherds didn’t seem to be able to tell the difference between play and training. Their eyes were full of happiness.

To be free from a life-threatening disaster, to be full, warm, safe, and to have an owner who gives instructions.

As if he was satisfied with this and did not feel the need to think any further.

[Haa, a fool needs a program for fools. And for all programs, setting an exit point is important. Yes, you can wag your tail. Thank you for my patience.]

“Kong! Kung!”

[Even if you are stupid, you guys are loyal, right? They have teeth to bite into, and they run twice as fast as humans. Oh, that’s enough. Not enough Since a goddess needs a hunting doghehe.]

If you think about it, it seems that there were many cases in which gods in mythology used beasts as messengers.

As I watched, for some reason, the desire to disturb me welled up.



The dogs held their positions, but their eyes, noses and ears all turned this way.


I said it once more, and all four of them relaxed and ran toward me.

[Five! No!]

Startled, Artemis tried to stop, but to no avail.

[You fools! Come back! What are you doing!]

“Pheh heh heh!”

Ignoring her cries, the dogs sat in front of me.

“I’m going to go back to the VIP residence soon.”

He said while petting the dog’s head. Their tails swayed like a motor, as if they missed walking or being petted.

“I’m sorry to disturb you, but please evaluate the return risk.”

[…No risk factor. All of the large infected have stopped, and everyone else is in a moribund state.]

That she dragged her horse, living her hundred-billionth of a second, is a clear sign of protest.

She doesn’t stutter her words or let her thoughts keep up with her.

[It will be safe if you take the remaining car from the last car assault operation. Even if the infected find you, they’ll have a hard time even walking close to you? Not to mention, if you’re in the car, you won’t be able to touch even a single hair. I have it on standby so that I can depart at any time.]

At the same time, she always gives 100% in her own role.

“Sorry for interrupting. But I really want to go home.”

[I will accept your apology. I am broad-minded. I said that to you too, you idiots.]

At her reprimand, the dogs looked puzzled.

So the journey began again. Of course, this trip is safer and more comfortable than ever before.

No need to risk your life, run to your death, get beaten, thrown, squatted and crawled.

It’s inconvenient to have to breathe with an oxygen respirator, but that’s about it.

“You just have to be patient for a moment.”

The dogs were put on oxygen masks for guard dogs, which were airlifted by cargo drones.

He seemed a little uncomfortable, but he stayed calm. This is because there is also a training that assumes that they will be put in after spraying tear gas.

Dogs that do this and those that don’t are judged by a significant difference in ratings as guard dogs.

Of course, everything that comes in here is assigned the best of the best. The only exception is people.

“What about that bastard?”

The bastard I’m talking about is the infestation that blocked me in the passageway of the government building.

[It’s been 40 hours since I stopped completely. Assembler must have suffered a lot because it was unstable and took a huge amount of breath. It must be the price of powerful abilities.]

Over the past few days, Artemis has been naming each of the infected that she has encountered.

It was for the reason that they would systematically analyze them for more efficient response and research in future shelter operations.

The hulking, screaming variant is the Juggernaut. Each other entity has its name and brief characteristics recorded.

Would you say it’s some kind of encyclopedia? Of course, there is so much information that is lacking at this stage.

“Hook hook hook.”

The gasping sounds of dogs wearing oxygen masks sounded rather funny.

Perhaps it was because of the anticipation of the walk he hadn’t taken in such a long time, he remained calm without showing any displeasure despite wearing an uncomfortable mask.

“For now, put up with the drive. I’ll give you a real walk soon.”

[Good luck.]

“If you fall down, it’s within reach of your nose. Will you wait here?”

[My job is to keep the peace. But there are no residents and no workers. Except for the manager. The threat of the infected has also been sorted out, so we just wait.]

Rose was calm.

“If you’re bored, come over anytime. All lines are open.”

[I’m bored… That’s not like us.]

After Rose’s answer, we left the control room.

“Shh~ It’s okay, it’s okay.”

As I walked out of the control room, the puppies’ fur stood on end. It seemed to be frightened at speed, but when I led it, it quietly followed.

After knocking down and stacking the desks and lockers appropriately, I came out through the window. There are no infestations on the sides of the building.

All of the objects seen in the distance are either lying on the ground or hibernating.

About 40 meters away, an infestation spotted us, but lay on the ground, unable to do anything but reach out weakly.

Even when he opened his mouth, I couldn’t hear that boring “Keeeee-!” Just whining Even that, once closed, did not open again.

Seeing this makes me realize what I’ve done. Infestations are truly on the verge of extinction.


I got into the Retona vehicle prepared by Artemis and put the dogs in the back seat.

[The escort vehicle is waiting outside.]

“They’re all dying, why?”

[Because what ifs always exist.]


It’s common to see people looking out the window out of curiosity when driving with a dog in a car, but that wasn’t the case this time.

“Turn it off-!”

It wasn’t even a seat, but they went down under the seat and buried themselves in each other, groaning in all directions.

“Be patient, it will arrive soon.”

After stretching out his hand for a long time and stroking him once, we started driving.

When I came out in front of the government building, the desperateness of the assault operation was visible everywhere.

“Somehow, when I was passing by this place on a drone, the dogs started a rampage.”

The dogs flew in on the drone without much resistance, but when they passed this area, they moved as if they were making a last-ditch effort.

The entire road was coated in blood, intestines, flesh, and bone fragments. Even though they are using an oxygen respirator in a closed car, the strong smell seems to be visible. It would have been more irritating to dogs.


The only noise was the sound of cars passing by.

A total of 8 cars in front, side and side, and me in the middle. But there are no risk factors.

Fall out.

Smooth driving except for the occasional noise of infestation fragments or undead infestations being crushed.

The giant sea anemone that was spraying gas all over the shelter was dry and twisted like a dead starfish, but it couldn’t bear the weight and was falling apart in places.

Simplicity and honesty.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.”

It’s been a while since I stepped on pieces of the infected and calmed the dogs that startled whenever the car shook. Finally, we reached the main entrance of the upper VIP living area.

“There must have been no intrusion in the past, by any chance?”

[Of course, don’t worry, not a single mouse came in.]

“When you say rats, it reminds me of those guys in the sewer.”

[They were the first to be annihilated. In a closed place like the sewer, the air is drained out in an instant the moment you turn the exhaust system. This is a quarantine method that was planned from the beginning, regardless of infection.]


After looking around once more, I got out of the car. I opened the back door, got out the dogs, and looked back.

Numerous factories, buildings, and roads fill the eyes.

“It was really dirty because we were together, and let’s not see each other again.”

After shooting gossip about whom he did not know, he entered the house.

My friendly abode, my paradise.

[Welcome to the VIP residence area.]

The front door, which had been firmly closed, opened with the welcome voice of the manual.

Apocalypse Shelter Manager

Apocalypse Shelter Manager

아포칼립스 셸터 관리자
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The world is ruinedI am the only remaining resident.However, the world's best artificial intelligence is with me.


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