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Apocalypse Shelter Manager 14

Apocalypse Shelter Manager 14

Chapter 14 – Fury Road


The sound amplified hundreds of times what I heard a lot while playing GTA continued endlessly.

I want to wipe it out like this, but the current goal is to break through to the government building, not to engage in an all-out war.

There is also a limit to the durability of the vehicle. You have to get past it quickly on the line of moderately clearing and pushing.

The corpse of a monster that was smashed and a large amount of blood flowed endlessly under the large vehicle that was firmly guarding my front.

Some of them were still breathing, but they were trampled on by vehicles following behind them.

I’m advancing in a van in the middle of this mechanized corps. They still don’t know of my existence.

“You can do it!”

My gaze turned to the government building.

Fuck! Puck!

I heard so much of flesh being torn and bones crumbling that I felt my hearing numb.

The infected also fought back in their own way, but how could they stop a car moving without a driver?


In the midst of being hit countless times, some clung to the vehicle and dug inside.

I don’t know if it happened by accident because of the attack, or if it was learned because I killed people screaming in cars in the early stages of the infection.

However, once inside, there is no target to attack.


It is useless to struggle, scratching at the steering wheel or dashboard. They just hit everything in front of them while burning the infected.

All of a sudden, he got to watch his fellow countrymen get bloodied in the special seat.

The forklift that breaks the speed limit and runs to the limit is also impressive. The sight of them ignoring safety regulations and charging with their jig feet up to chest level is no different from a modern-day cavalry charge.

It was quite an exciting scene to see the infected head explode like a watermelon when it hit the tip of the claw.

Chi profit.

Some cars were even hit with acid. The windshield melted, and a little acid and acrid smoke penetrated the driver’s and passenger’s seats.

But that’s also pointless. Vehicles that moved without a driver were tough and ferocious beings beyond imagination.

Even while maintaining a knife-like distance between cars, Artemis changed the ranks and switched to the rear car if it felt like the car in front was putting a lot of pressure on it.


Suddenly, an anomaly fell from the sky with a roar of fury.

Wow Jangchang!

A while ago, three infected people were blown away like bowling pins, and the van, which had been chicly wiping the blood from the window with a wiper, flattened.

After letting out a victory roar, he went straight to the next prey.


What was destroyed this time was a smaller passenger car. Squeezed almost in half, it rattled a wheel that had burst from overweight.

A variant that sought its third prey.
But this time it failed.


When the metal crane, which was bigger than the mutant’s head, hit the back of the head, it fell out.


Of course, he’s not going to die that much. He immediately jumped high into the sky and hit the crane vehicle that attacked him.


After breaking the crane device with amazing strength, he threw his fist at random.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In an instant, the crane car lost its balance, and when the variant kicked off, it rolled over on its side.

This became a turning point.

No matter how strong the breakthrough power of the vehicle is, it gradually began to be damaged one by one in the process of hitting the infected without end, and the breakthrough power decreased.

I tried to hide as much as I could, but the attacks began to come in one by one.



After hitting one, I wiped the blood off with a wiper.

[You can go a little further.]

We are almost at the office now.



Damn, another car that was running in front of me a short distance from me was smashed again.

No matter how stupid a beast may be, the minimum intelligence is there. The variants were attacking mainly medium-sized vehicles that could be destroyed in one or two hits.

Eventually, there were only a handful of vehicles left to suit the deviant’s taste, and it was inevitable that it would recognize me.


He aimed at me and jumped, but I managed to dodge.

Dududuk! Dududuk!

As soon as he fell behind, he jumped like a gorilla, chasing after him and attacking him from the left side.



It’s dangerous to hit it a few more times like this. The car might break down and stop, and then I’m done.

Just as the mutant attempted a second head-butt, the truck in front of me swerved to the left and slammed on the brakes.

Awesome profit.

The variant that was running quickly disappeared back with the lorry.

The empty seat in front of me was filled by a fire truck that appeared out of nowhere.

Looking around, I saw that the car I had when I first started was less than half of it left.

But the number of monsters honestly doesn’t feel like it’s reduced that much.

Was it because there were so many of them, or did they hear this noise and added more from the surroundings?

[Ready! Open the way!]

Hearing Artemis’ signal, he unfastened his seat belt, and as the escorts in front of him fell aside, the government building, which was the destination of the expedition, came into sight.


The car was roughly pulled up, leaving long wheel marks on the floor, and the moment it was about to enter the building, it came off as if it were being thrown out.



This fucking mutant was holding candles until the very last moment.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A maneuver shot aimed at his head, trying to get past the mutant, but he hid his face with one hand and swung the other.



As I tried to force myself into the building, I got hit by his hand and fell out. He wasn’t beaten properly, but his whole body felt like it was about to break.


Even if you don’t look at it, you can feel the infected running around you. My teeth clenched all the time.

“Ah, shut up!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Even if all the remaining bullets are poured into the variant, it is blocked by the hard outer shell and does not budge.

You can’t do anything with shotguns against this guy in the first place. At least machine-gun bullets, and even armor-piercing bullets, would be enough to be eaten.

Bang! Clap!

The empty sound of hitting the empty compartment echoed as the last shot was fired.


That time when he approached with a pleasant cry, as if he knew that it was his turn.

Bread! Paang-!

Me and the mutant were engulfed in a white flash light.

“Is it big-?”

A dump truck pushed past the variant, whose attention was drawn to a sudden loud horn.

No matter how tough he is, he has no choice but to become a bowling pin in front of a dump truck weighing close to 30 tons.

Spraying blood, he flew dozens of meters, broke a streetlight in half, and collapsed.

I took advantage of that gap and entered the government building safely.

Subsequently, the infected tried to come in, but all of them were defeated.


This is because vehicles rushed into the entrance of the government building and created a barricade on the spot.


As numerous vehicles collided, flew, and overturned, a steel barrier weighing nearly 200 tons was formed.


As soon as I entered the building at full speed, my strength was released in an instant.

I was able to calm down only after I got on my knees and took a deep breath.

[Fortunately, there is no broken place.]

“It hurts, but I feel like dying.”

His trembling hand loaded the shotgun with ammo. Only 6 feet left now. But we won’t need more ammo here.

Shake well.

My hand trembled and I dropped one of the ammunition.

[It’s okay?]

“Even if it’s not okay, you have to endure it. After a while, this suffering will be over.”

Now, there are less than 100 meters to the destination, the control room.

I picked up the last ammo and loaded it.


A new voice arrived as I slowly moved my steps.

[Did you enter the government building?]

It was Rose.

“Yes, we have finally arrived. You’d be surprised to hear what happened on the way here.”

[Rose. Are you aware of the infected in this building?]

Artemis asked.

[Sorry. I don’t have access to the facility so I can’t confirm. At best, it is only about communicating with you.]

“You are the same as you were when you first came here, Artemis.”

It just woke up, but in a state where nothing is linked, even a supercomputer is blind.

[For what?]

Rose asked.

[There is an object that breathes differently from the normal infection. The gas emitted is very unstable.]

At the same time, something appeared on the other side of the hallway we were walking through.


At first glance, it is not an ordinary infection.

“Isn’t it over now? What else is that?”

I cried out in desperation.

His height is about 2 meters. His upper and lower body were well-developed, and his arms were long enough to reach the floor.

The thick fingers and nails attached to it were each like a javelin.

The most impressive thing was the eyes, like a spider, there were 8 eyes lined up in two rows horizontally. He even had a deep red light, so the thought of being watched by it even made me feel intimidated.

He slowly fell to his knees. The 8 red eyes are still fixed on me.

I also aimed my shotgun at him with trembling hands.


As soon as he jumped out like an arrow, he fired his gun.

Apocalypse Shelter Manager

Apocalypse Shelter Manager

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The world is ruinedI am the only remaining resident.However, the world's best artificial intelligence is with me.


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