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Apocalypse Shelter Manager 11

Apocalypse Shelter Manager 11

Chapter 11 – Death and Sexuality

I rushed toward the building, but the difference in speed between him and me, more precisely, in jumping power, was too great.


At Artemis’ warning, I rolled sideways without even checking my back.


At the same time, a massive body descended to where I was. The shock was so strong that the vibration broke my posture.

As soon as I got up and ran, I felt his hand swing behind my back. He didn’t reach it by a hair’s breadth, but the unpleasant wind pressure dug into his neck.


The sound of a car bouncing around is heard as it is hit by a variant chasing in a straight line.

Eventually, a car flew from behind and collided with the sedan in front of me, blocking the road, so I crashed into it and stopped.



As I dodged without even having time to catch my breath, he passed by like a bull with a red flag in front.

In that destructive charge, I saw the sedan fly dozens of meters as it crumbled like paper.


A variant of a roar of rage, as if angered by missing a target in a row.

Just a little bit further, a little bit further. It wasn’t long until the building.

[Get down!]

As I lay flat on the ground, a car came from behind and swept past me.

Tung, Tung, Bang!

After bouncing twice, it landed horizontally at the entrance of a building and then fell. Afterwards, the sound of leaps coming from a distance and gradually getting used to.


He didn’t even have to listen to Artemis’ warning and rolled sideways as if bouncing.



But this time it was too late to run away. He got caught by the guy.


It seems that he is very angry at what has bothered him so far. As if to vent his anger before killing himheheld the blade upside down and screamed in front of his nose.

My eardrum hurt, but the two seconds I earned in return saved my life.

Thank you, you stupid bastard!


As dozens of lead balls entered his mouth and tore open his throat, it seemed that even the toughest guy couldn’t resist.

Missing me and screaming for a second, I rushed into the building and dived over the car blocking the entrance.

Then, they opened a flash grenade and a tear gas grenade one by one, threw them at the entrance, and fled deeper.


After a while, there was a loud explosion, followed by loud screams and the crashing of cars.

Coo-! Coo-!

Eventually, the vibration of the massive body shaking the ground gradually faded away.

I will survive.

“The subway security robot was in medicine. I thought I was really going to die this time.”

[As you said, surviving on the battlefield is a matter of judgment. Well done.]


No matter how many deep breaths you take, your heart won’t calm down.

“That is a real monster. Even though they look ugly, the pressure is different from when I deal with guys who are human-sized, and I can subdue them with enough strength.”

When I put my hand on my chest, my heart was beating like crazy. Even his hand was shaking.

[It’s only natural that anyone would be afraid of an object of that size right in front of them. You fought very well I didn’t fall into panic and always made the best decisions and moved.]

Artemis was encouraging me with sincerity.

“I know. I just said it in the sense of reflection. To be honest, it is true that there was a lack of tension, perhaps because of the pride of being a veteran soldier who has been through all the battles.”

In fact, I was judging by projecting my experiences and skills from my time as a soldier onto the current situation.

However, the battleground I belong to now has different enemies and different situations. I have now come to face it.


I took a deep breath and calmed myself down.

“Now, the story that brings the atmosphere down ends here. You have to move slowly.”

[Be careful. There are some infected on the second floor of the building.]

It is not known how far the variant may have fallen. It’s dangerous to go outside right now.

“If I have to stay for a while anyway, I’ll have to remove the risk factor. And I have to go to the manager’s office. Overseer, he’s obsessed with himself, so he might have something useful.”

Checking the PDA mini-map, I headed to the second floor. Three confirmed objects. However, they were all separated.

The first guy

I waited in the curved hallway and hit it with an ax at the right timing.


He collapsed on the spot with a rupture sound, and took another shot to confirm his death.

The other was in the women’s bathroom, apparently trying unsuccessfully to escape through a window.


Thanks to her miniskirt, her legs, wrapped in black panties and coffee-colored stockings, were exposed.

I don’t know what kind of woman she is, but she looks sophisticated in her waist and the clothes she’s wearing.

A beautiful body that can only be acquired by managing it through exercise as well as eating.

Before the incident, he must have been quite popular in the office.

“Now that I’ve passed the point of death, I’m thinking of nothing else.”

Her face felt hot for no reason, so I rubbed the bridge of her nose.

It is said that when a person is in danger of death, his sexual desire increases. It’s not the first time he’s been through it.

In the meantime, the infected was screaming and struggling here and there, but it didn’t make much progress whether it was properly stuck in the narrow window.

So I decided to help out a bit.


He struggled more violently as if he felt someone grabbed his lower body, but to no avail.

From the beginning, I held both legs at once and fixed them, and even though they were infected, a woman was a woman. There is a limit to power.

I applied force and pushed it out.


Scratched buttons on the window frame spilled onto the bathroom floor with a clatter.


Pushing on, the female infestation finally fell through the window and out.

Even in that short time, the ragged pieces of the blouse, the bra visible through it, and the feet wrapped in coffee-colored stockings fell on my head like a snapshot.


He fell head first and broke his neck bone, so he flinched and convulsed but couldn’t get up.


“I know, I know.”

Artemis knows my hormones, my heartbeat, and my blood flow. Of course, he would have noticed my condition as well.

“I don’t give a damn about monsters. It’s just that when life comes and goes, the body reacts on its own.”

[I have no intention of criticizing. In fact, you are the one who is advancing while accepting all the pain and danger in this dangerous place.]

“Are you generous?”

[Well, I’m fully aware that you’re under stress that’s hard to handle. The flow of your breath, your hormonal changes, your nervous responses are all reaching their limits. Even if some irrational behavior comes out, I can understand it to some extent.]

The last one was in front of the manager’s office.


He couldn’t be surprised because it was open, so he had no choice but to fight head-on.

The problem was that he was wearing the same riot gear as me. I don’t know if an infected member of the guards came all the way here, or if he became that shape after working as a bodyguard for a worker supervisor.

My shotgun ammo is pretty worn out and I’m not sure if it’ll do any good against that guy. It is also dangerous to fight head-to-head with an axe.


A thin, sharp net flew and wrapped around him, knocking him down.

“Because I brought it to use at times like this.”

It wriggled like a caterpillar on the floor with its entire body tied up, but it could never break.

He stepped on his helmet and tilted his head upward, exposing his neck.



With two blows of an axe cutting off his head, quietness came to the building.

Above it, a door with a plaque reading “Labor Inspector” Caught my eye.

“Okay then, let’s see where you look. The building looks like this, so I don’t think it’s alive.”

I’m sorry.

The doorknob was broken. I pushed the half-open door and went inside, at a loss for words.

To begin with, the supervisor had become a corpse.

The face was unrecognizable because it was so shattered above the neck that I could not recognize it, but I definitely remembered that bloated body.

He was dead, naked and buried in the chair of the chairman, who was wide and soft.

Lying in front of him is an android in a suit. To be precise, it is a first-generation sex android. From the suit to the tie, stockings and shoes, it is a tailored secretary outfit in black. This one also has a broken head.

“You mean you kept this in the office?”

In any case, it seems that the worker supervisor gave up neither escaping nor commanding his subordinates, enjoying his final pleasure.

The PDA placed on the desk caught my eye, and when I picked it up, there was a record of the last video taken.


[Fuck, even if you go when you go, shouldn’t you just pull it out coolly? Wahahahahaha!]
[Kie Aek-!]

In the video, there was an android with its face buried in the lower body of a worker supervisor and the screams of the infected knocking on the door behind it.

He was so fat that when the supervisor held him up and took the picture, he was buried in his stomach and didn’t show much.

Considering that it has an oral function, it seems to be a late model among first-generation products.

Why do you know me so well? Um… Let’s just say there was a time when I looked into a lot of stuff.

[OK! You’re almost there! Hurry! Sooner! I’m going to break the door! Suck harder bitch!!!]


Finally the door is broken

[Oooooh! Done! Yay-ho!]

The video ends with the infestation rushing towards them with a roar of ecstasy.

“I knew you were a crazy man, but I didn’t know you were this stupid.”

[Deleted from my memory. I don’t know what video it was, but don’t talk about it anymore.]

I sincerely envy her.

I briefly searched the office, but couldn’t find anything useful. At least I was hoping that there would be a secret weapon like mine, but not at all.

“Then, no matter how long we wait here, there’s no guarantee that the mutant won’t come out on the way to our destination.”

If it suddenly pops out on the road, it’s the end. Of course, if you keep waiting here, a slow death will come.

[I have a good idea.]

“What is it?”

[Let’s go to the sewer. If you go through there, you will be able to go safely.]

Apocalypse Shelter Manager

Apocalypse Shelter Manager

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The world is ruinedI am the only remaining resident.However, the world's best artificial intelligence is with me.


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